Portfolio Requirements

You should have completed the following prerequisite courses (or their equivalent) before you apply:

  • CG 271 or CG 211
  • CG 272 or CG 213
  • CG 273 or CG 212
  • CG 274 or CG 221

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Portfolio Materials

Work from the required courses listed above should be included in your Animation, Interactive Media, & Game Design portfolio at the time of your interview, which takes place early in the spring semester.  Your portfolio should contain drawings, computer files, and examples of your major design work:


Drawings should be of people, animals, or nature studies done from direct observation. Copying from two-dimensional images is not recommended. Include gesture drawings and quick sketches in original format and size, if possible. Sketchbooks are also recommended. Drawings may be in pencil, ink, marker, charcoal, etc. 

Computer Files (Please bring a list specifying all files and file formats.)

Bring work from the prerequisite courses (or their equivalents) including:  After Effects; interactive work using HTML, CSS, Javascript, or other scripting languages; and 3D models using 3D Studio Max, Maya, or other 3D programs. Bring all project files. Bring all the 3D models you have, including exercises and work in progress. 

Other examples of work from your major. Computer work may be presented on DVD, portable drive, or laptop. 

Portfolio Evaluation and Interview

Once your application has been reviewed for eligibility, a representative from Animation, Interactive Media, & Game Design will contact you for an in-person portfolio evaluation and personal interview. Please do not mail your portfolio to the Admissions Office.

When you come for your evaluation, please bring a typed cover letter introducing yourself, describing your abilities, and telling us what attracts you to and interests you most about the fields of Animation, Interactive Media, & Game Design.

If you have specific questions about the portfolio requirements, please call our office at (212) 217-5440.

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