Lost Book Fines & Fees

If you lose library material checked out to you, notify the Access Services Unit as soon as possible to clear your account. We will determine the replacement cost(s) of the item(s). Please confirm the prices of the fees with Access Services before adding money to your Student ID via the Campus Pay Kiosk on the 5th floor of the Library or through eAccounts. We cannot refund any unused funds on your Student ID. Payment is made at the Library Services Desk. 

Refunds are not given if replacement costs are paid and items are later found.


Lost or damaged picture replacement cost is $2.00 per picture. Please inform staff of any damaged pictures before you check them out. If you lose the envelope, you will be charged any overdue fines incurred and $20.00 for replacement, regardless of the number of pictures you checked out.

last updated: 2/29/24