Tutoring Philosophy

Our consultants are constantly refining their tutoring philosophies over the course of their time at the Writing and Speaking Studio. Below are some featured excerpts of current and past consultants.

 Jewelle Trotman, Peer Writing Consultant Alum

"During tutoring appointments, I held onto the awareness that showing writing in a raw state, or asking for help when feeling extremely lost, could make someone feel vulnerable. For that reason, I was never hesitant to share that I often make mistakes and I am also constantly growing as a writer. Part of my practice was to ask a lot of questions as a way to identify where the tutee wanted to go with the session. The training we did over the years helped to reiterate the need to make every student’s tutoring experience personalized."

Jewelle started tutoring at the Writing & Speaking Studio in 2017 and graduated in May 2020. To read her entire statement, please visit Jewelle's e-Portfolio.

Eleanor Burholt, Peer Writing and Speaking Consultant

"I also believe that through listening to stories, we can become better speakers. In my tutoring practice, I hope to become even better at listening to others. I want to make sure that the people I work with feel heard. Through really understanding what a student is saying, I will be able to become more adaptable to a range of needs and situations."

Eleanor joined the Writing & Speaking Studio in Spring 2020, and she tutors both writing and speaking. To read her entire statement, please visit Eleanor's e-Portfolio.

India Adolfsson, Peer Writing Consultant

"During a thirty minute to hour long session, we may run out of time to fully understand a concept. That’s why I believe the most valuable thing I can do in a teaching position is to teach how to self teach. My role is not to unlock all the secrets of the universe, but to be a guide and motivator. Oftentimes, students come into the writing center feeling overwhelmed or defeated by their assignment. My role in such a situation is to encourage the student and show them that they actually do know how to complete this task. If they don’t know yet, I say “let’s learn together.” Emphasis on the word together, a motivating word."

India started tutoring at the Studio in January 2019. The rest of her philosophy and more of her thoughts on tutoring and learning can be found on India's e-Portfolio.