Tutoring Philosophy

Writing and Speaking Studio peer consultants are always learning and they develop and revise their tutoring philosophies throughout their time on staff. Below are excerpts from our peer consultants' philosophy statements.

Mireille Vieux-Gresham, Peer Consultant

"Upon starting my work as a tutor here, one of my initial and more prominent observations is that some students tend to value the opinion of the tutor above all else. Although I am a tutor, I am also a student, and the Writing and Speaking Studio is a space for both of us to learn. I hope to clearly express in sessions that my opinion may not be the most insightful one, and that the most I can do is offer another pair of eyes and ears. I do intend to give students honest feedback, and answer their questions or concerns as transparently as possible, that way they can get the most out of their sessions. I do not want to overwhelm the student, so my commentary will come second to their thoughts and the assignment guidelines."

Mireille is an Illustration major and joined the Writing & Speaking Studio in Fall 2023.

Greer De Maglie, Peer Consultant

"I know not everyone has had a space where they feel comfortable to explore ideas without the worry of "getting it wrong." Because of this, in sessions I encourage trying new things and pushing ideas with a rapport of patience, respect and consideration."

Greer is a graduate student in the MFA Illustration program and joined the Writing & Speaking Studio in Fall 2022.

Cynthia Griffin, Peer Consultant

"As a tutor, I want to create an environment within my sessions that makes peers feel open to asking questions. Part of being able to do this is through approaching a session with a sense of curiosity about the student’s thought process. When I leave open spaces in sessions to allow for questioning, both from me and from the student, it creates an environment of inquiry instead of isolation."

Cynthia is a Fine Arts major and joined the Writing & Speaking Studio in Spring 2022.

Abby Caimano, Peer Consultant

"I hope that in my sessions, I can empower writers to continue their work with new interest and drive. In my experience, the more interested someone is in their subject, the more willing they are to fully dive into a project based around it. By providing a positive source of guidance, I want to spark new investments from students in their work; to encourage them to push forward in the direction we set up within our meetings."

Abby is a Spatial Experience Design major and joined the Writing & Speaking Studio in Spring 2023.