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2023 FIT EED Tanisi Ghosh's Student Project is the 2023 SEGD Global Design Awards' Finalist

2023 FIT EED MA Capstone Program—Industry Professionals Meet in NYC

2023 FIT MA in Exhibition & Experience Design is Voted Best Master's in Interior Design Degree Program

2023 EDPA July Newsletter—FIT EED Students Work on the Pinnacle and Epic Games Student Sponsored Project

2023 EDPA University Affiliation Program Opens Doors to FIT EED Students at EXHIBITORLIVE

2023 FIT EED Alumnus in the Exhibit City News

2023 FIT EED Capstone Event in the Exhibit City News

2022 FIT EED Students Present at Two SEGD's Events Alongside Industry Experts

2022 FIT EED Student Among Winners in Prada Design Competition

2022 FIT EED Student Hua Wen Kao One of the Winners of Prada's Action in the Year of the Tiger

2022 FIT EED Students Design for GE and Present at SEGD Academic Summit

2022 FIT EED Design Partnership Program with Deckel & Moneypenny

2022 FIT EED Alumna Elected to the EDPA Board of Directors

2022 FIT EED Alumna Wins an Award for the Peru Pavilion at World Expo 2020

2022 Graduate Fellow Award Winners - Jose Campos Gomez and Joseph DeLaunay

2022 Exhibitor Magazine People's Choice Awards

2021 Industry Design Partnership—Winners

2021 SEGD/FIT EED Student Scholarship Competition Winner
[SEGD blog article unavailable]

2021 Graduate Exhibition & Experience Design ranked as a top design program

2021 Graduate Exhibition & Experience Design Student announced as Global Design Awards Juror

2021 Graduate Students Win Grant for Interdisciplinary Project

2021 Four EED Graduate Students present thesis research at XLAB

2020 SEGD Global Design Awards Finalist

2020 The Next Wave: SEGD Talks

2020 Graduate Exhibition & Experience Design Students on DEZEEN

2020 Design Partnership—Wildlife Conservation Society

2020 Graduate Fellow Award Winner—Kayla Van Name

2020 Design Partnership—Group Delphi/Medtronic

2020 SEGD Student Scholarship Winner
[SEGD blog article unavailable: My SEGD XLab Journal by Mustafa Yigit Ecer]

2019 EDPA Promising Student Scholarship Winner

2019 XLab National Conference

2019 Hue Magazine: Student Thesis Research

2019 Design Semester—FIT Graduate Exhibition & Experience Design at AMNH

2019 Hue Magazine: AMNH Design Partnership

2018 SEGD Student Scholarship Winner 
[SEGD article unavailable: Meet Margo Malter: SEGD Student Scholarship Winner]

2018 FIT Star Award Winner

2018 Exhibit City News: The Design Tour at ExhibitorLive!

2018 Exhibit Design Excellence Scholarship Winner

2018 National Sign Research & Education Conference (NSREC) scholarship winner
[ article unavailable]

2018 Exhibit City News: FIT Presents a New Generation of Exhibition Designers

2017 Exhibit Design Excellence Scholarship Winner

2017 National Sign Research & Education Conference (NSREC) scholarship winner
[ article unavailable]

2017 The FIT Capstone Event – By Pat Friedlander

2017 Exhibit City News: Getting Schooled – Educated Exhibits

2016 SEGD The Next Generation of Experience Designers, Professor Joe Karadin and Alumni Nastya Lobova
[SEGD article unavailable]

2015 SEGD Global Design Award Winner

FIT Alumni in the Field

Second Annual MG Exhibit Design Excellence Scholarship winner 
[ unavailable]

Michael Grivas Sr. Exhibit Design Excellence Scholarship

FIT Graduates Next Generation of Storytellers

MG Design Mentors FIT Students

ExhibitCity News Congratulates FIT Class of 2014

FIT Class of 2014 Enter Exhibit Design Industry

Exhibit Design Students Take the Stage at EXHIBITOR

Fresh & New(er), Discussion of Issues Around Digital Media and Museums by Seb Chan

Rubin Museum Meets FIT

Students Get a Jump Start in the Exhibit Industry

Getting to Great Ideas: FIT's Fearless Exhibit Designer Students

Exhibit City: Students Get a Jump Start in the Exhibit Industry

SEGD Sixth Annual Symposium on Exhibition Design

Investing in the Future: Design Interns Bring Fresh Ideas to Exhibit Firms

Exhibit Builder: Putting The D Back In EDPA

Student Competition News

The Society for Experiential Graphic Design SEGD sponsored the Design Partnership 2021 competition to introduce students to graphic wayfinding and placemaking design, circulation, audience, theory, materials and production of professional level documentation. The students were tasked with designing a pathway to the entry of the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia through Dilworth Park. Another goal of the project was to introduce the general public to what the experiential graphic design is. At the end of the project, the SEGD's representatives selected the three winning concepts to be presented at the SEGD's annual conference in Philadelphia, and remain in place for three months. The winners were: Naz Ertugrul (1st place), Ciera Iveson (2nd place), and Briyana Rainer (3rd place). 

The 2020 Design Partnership included the collaboration with the New York Aquarium as a part of the Experiential Graphic Design course. Through this project, the students were introduced to graphic wayfinding and placemaking through the proposal of concepts for wayfinding and related components of the New York Aquarium. Working with the WCS and New York Aquarium representatives, students created signage/wayfinding/placemaking design package of the exterior entry and ticketing experience as well as proposals for an on-site contribution kiosk. 

The Design Partnership 2019 competition with the American Museum of Natural History Project introduced students to wayfinding and placemaking design centered around audience and visitor experience—through the proposal of an experiential graphic and circulation activation within AMNH. Based on the institutions mission, audience and goals students designed wayfinding and experiential graphics to introduce visitors to the AMNH Central Park West rotunda entry and stairwell which spans from the lower level to the fourth floor. Students created and presented design solutions to AMNH throughout the semester showing large scale experiential graphics animating the entry and stairwell while guiding circulation to help visitors navigate through all four levels of this grand iconic institution. Three winners were selected: First Place: Tina Columbus, Second Place: May Ghadanfar, Third Place: Heeji Min.
Read more about the project here!

The Wildlife Conservation Society Design (WCS) sponsored the Design Partnership Awards in conjunction with the program's experiential graphics course. Students worked with the WCS to study visitor circulation requirements to navigate the Bronx Zoo as well as branding and identification opportunities. They conducted a site survey and designed full graphic placemaking and visitor experience solutions for the entry as well as proposals for on-site WCS contribution kiosks. WCS requested that the students create solutions that promote awareness of the research and work that the WCS conducts around the world as well as solve difficult circulation and wayfinding issues. Throughout the semester students conducted detailed site surveys and created, tested and evaluated prototypes on site with the Client. The students presented design solutions to the WCS throughout the semester. Three winners were selected: Tereza Kervin (1st place), Nicole Ansbacher (2nd place), and Christine Lee Won (3rd place)

The Liberty Science Center sponsored a competition in conjunction with the program's environmental graphics course. Three winners were selected: Aliyah Pair (1st place), Zhongjia Jin Jade (2nd place), and Caitlin Teska (3rd place)

The Wildlife Conservation Society sponsored a competition in conjunction with the program's experiential graphics course. Three winners were selected: Liliane Boehm (1st place), Sanchita Tucker (2nd place), and Elizabeth Gressel (3rd place)

The New-York Historical Society Museum & Library sponsored a graphics signage and wayfinding competition in conjunction with the program's environmental graphics course. Winners were selected: Anastasia Lobova, Sergei Vasilev, Pauline Lu, Chuan-Wei Ting, Eileen Kang, and Samiel Laury

The New York Botanical Garden sponsored a graphics signage and wayfinding competition in conjunction with the program's environmental graphics course. Students were challenged with redesigning the Garden's interpretive graphics and directionals into a 3 Dimensional, outdoor system that is flexible, promotes brand identity and engages visitors in the story of the site. Three winners were selected: Hyesook Lyu (1st place), Yoo Rang Shon (2nd place), and Rita Soni (3rd place)

The Graduate Exhibition & Experience Design Department was engaged by the Exhibit Designers and Producers Association to design their exhibit for the Euroshop Convention in Düsseldorf, Germany. Leslie Ann Chiu wins the EDPA exclusive exhibit booth design competition. Leslie's design will be produced incorporating products from Octanorm and Fabric Images Inc. Leslie will travel to Germany to be presented to the design community accompanying her booth. Runners-Up were: Adam Carnes, Sarah Frankel, Roni Rabner and Dominica Wozniak.