The typeface family selected for FIT’s brand is Halyard. Within that family, two typefaces are preferred for FIT communications: Halyard Micro and Halyard Text. Three different weights may be used for emphasis. Note that Halyard is a large type family, and other faces within that family may be used when designing FIT communications.

Download complete and detailed Typography and Usage Guidelines (.pdf)

Access to the Halyard Typeface

Halyard is only available for use in Adobe products, such as InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. It should be used when designing branded communications, but does not need to be used for business communications. The typeface for general communications is Lucida Sans, which is available on most PC and Mac font menus and can be applied in Word, PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google products.

Halyard is available to the FIT community. Use your college email address to create an Adobe Creative Cloud account; then access the Halyard font via Typekit.