Standard Procedures and Best Practices Checklist

The College-Wide Curriculum Committee finalized a helpful checklist to reference before submitting your course curricular actions into Course Inventory Management (CIM). 

When considering any course action, be sure to refer to the FIT Curriculum website. Keep current curricular deadlines in mind.

Before submitting any course action in Course Inventory Management (CIM), be sure to:

  • In consultation with your chair and department, review existing courses with similar subjects and student learning outcomes, identify concrete differences, and provide an academic rationale on the necessity of creating a new course or modifying an existing course. This applies to all courses, including Special Topics.
  • Identify the intended audience for the course.
  • Contact any department(s) affected by the proposed course of action.
  • Identify how the lecture/studio/lab hours are allocated and match the credit hours, eg. 1 credit = 2 studio hours per week; 1 credit = 1 lecture hour per week. For any questions, please consult with the Office for Curriculum.
  • Verify the total contact hours add up to the appropriate number (e.g. 3 credit lecture = 45 hrs). See also the official FIT policy on the Assignment of Credit Hours.
  • Verify that there are only 15 weeks of instruction (for a typical course).
  • Ensure there are 15 or fewer units.
  • Review student learning outcomes to follow Bloom's taxonomy; for more information, please contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching (CET). 
  • Verify that any suggested assignment(s) and/or evaluation methods are aligned with the student learning outcomes.
  • Review the grading percentage to make sure it adds up to 100%.
  • Ensure the course of study has been updated within the past five years for any course action.
  • Review and update the bibliography to include new literature within the past 5 years.
  • Add justifications for any General Education designations being sought. Liberal Arts and Sciences General Education Committee Guidelines for LAS Courses of Study (COS).
  • Contact the coordinator(s) of any minor(s) you wish to propose for the course.
  • Consider what type of classroom or technology needs your course might have. For new technology requests, be sure to align with Hardware and Software Requests deadlines.
  • If this course will be included in a major or minor program, make sure the relevant program action is submitted at the same time as the course action.
  • Adhere to your school’s approval process.
  • Spell check the final document.
  • When ready to input/submit, ensure that the information in CIM exactly matches the information in the COS.

A downloadable, fillable version of this checklist can be found here: