Off-Campus Security Threat

If you have information about an off-campus security threat or incident that may impact the FIT community, call Campus Security (212) 217-7777 and provide the following information:

  • your name
  • your location
  • the nature of the emergency and information about the emergency

Airplane Crash

If you are inside a building:

  • Seek cover under a desk, table or other heavy furniture that can provide protection from flying glass and debris.
  • Remain inside the building until it is safe to exit.
  • Follow directions of emergency response personnel.
  • If an evacuation is in order, take personal necessities (glasses, keys, medicines) with you.

If you are outside:

  • Drop and cover.
  • Move away from the aircraft.
  • Proceed to a safe area.
  • Follow instructions from FIT and/or emergency officials.