Program Outline

*Program outline is a subject to change based on the pedagogical needs.

  1. Program Introduction
  2. UX Design Creative Process Overview
  3. The principles of user-centered design
  4. Iterative design process: definition, research, interpretation, idea generation, prototyping, and evaluation
  5. UX Design Research Methodologies
  6. Target segmentation
  7. Initial hypothesis and point of view
  8. Primary research vs secondary research
  9. Methodologies: survey, interview, focus group, contextual inquiry, culture probe, social listening, and keyword research
  10. Competitive and Comparative Analysis
  11. UX Design Documents and Deliverables
  12. Persona
  13. User Story
  14. Empathy Map
  15. User Journey
  16. Scenarios
  17. Site-map
  18. Wireframe
  19. Wireflow
  20. Prototyping Process and Techniques
  21. Discovery and Testing Methodologies
  22. Low-fidelity Prototypes
  23. High-fidelity Prototypes
  24. Production Workflow & Tools of the Trade
  25. User Interface (UI) Design Fundamentals
  26. Intro to human interface design guideline
  27. Color strategy for digital product design
  28. Screen-based Typography Basics
  29. UX Portfolio Preparation