Outcomes after Graduation

Information on this page is collected, organized, and analyzed by the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness.

October 24, 2023

The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) collects information about its alumni in a variety of ways to understand their pathways following graduation and to provide consumer information as mandated. The most recent survey of 2021-2022 graduates was conducted in 2023 (March for AAS graduates and May for BA, BS and BFA graduates). The response rate to the survey was 20%.

72% of the AAS graduates continued their studies at FIT, enrolling in a Bachelor’s program. 78% of the bachelor’s graduates are employed, with 18% looking for work. Over half of the bachelor’s graduates who are working are employed in a job related to their degree program. According to data from the National Student Clearinghouse, 4% of bachelor’s graduates were enrolled in further education.

Most bachelor’s completers were employed for a business (85%), while 13% worked as freelancers, with another 2% self-employed with their own business. Among the associate graduates not enrolled in college, freelance work was more common than bachelor’s graduates at 18%, as was having your own business (5%).

FIT alumni were employed mainly in New York State. Of the bachelor’s graduates, 87% worked within NYS. 77% of the associate graduates worked within NYS. Among graduates working full-time (35 hours or more) in one or more jobs, over 80% of the respondents earned over $40,000 annually within their first year following completion of their degree. Among associate graduates working full-time (35 hours or more), almost two-thirds have health insurance benefits (61%), half have retirement benefits (50%), and over three-quarters have paid vacation days (82%). Bachelor’s graduates have a higher rate of health and retirement benefits (73% and 66%).

Of all the FIT alumni survey respondents, 83% would attend again, 69% would choose the same major, and 90% would recommend FIT to others.