On-Campus Housing Consideration Based on Disability

The Fashion Institute of Technology believes that the opportunity to participate in a learning/living environment is an integral part of the college experience for all students. In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Fair Housing Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), FIT has established the procedure described below to provide students with documented disabilities access to campus housing accommodations that reasonably meet their needs, as required by law. 

FIT strongly encourages students wishing to request a reasonable accommodation in housing to do so no later than the dates set forth below. Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and assignments are made on a first come, first served basis, subject to availability. If a request is made after the priority deadline below, there is no guarentee an approved accommodation can be met by Residence Life due to limited room availability. 

Priority Deadlines for Housing Accommodation Requests

New Students

  • Fall semester housing due by June 14
  • Spring semester housing due by December 15

Returning Students

  • Fall semester housing due by April 26
  • Spring semester housing due by December 15
  • Summer Session housing due by May 19


Choose the link below for the procedure to request disability related housing accommodations based on your needs:

Evaluation of Requests

Requests for housing accommodations are carefully evaluated on a case-by-case basis to provide access in accordance with FIT’s policies and with federal, state, and local law and regulations. Requests for housing accommodations based on disability are reviewed by the FIT-ABLE Office and by the FIT Housing Accommodations Committee. The committee is led by FIT-ABLE, and is comprised of representatives from Health Services, Counseling, Residence Life, and the Office of the Dean of Students.

FIT-ABLE is responsible for:

  • reviewing students’ housing accommodation requests
  • collaborating with other FIT offices, as needed, to evaluate accommodation requests
  • making a final decision based upon individual student’s needs and the reasonableness and availability of the requested accommodation
  • providing students with an email notification of the decision
  • maintaining disabilityrelated information in the FIT-ABLE Office

Please note that submitting documentation does not mean that a student’s request for housing accommodations will be approved. On-campus housing accommodations are subject to a determination about the need for and reasonableness of the requested accommodation and the availability of the requested accommodation. Specific roommate requests will generally not be considered in determining a reasonable accommodation.  

Residence Hall Disability Accommodation Request Procedure

  1. Complete FIT’s Residential Life Housing Application.
  2. Complete the FIT-ABLE Public Accommodation Request Form
    • If you are requesting a housing accommodation for a disability related to dietary need, please continue with the Dining Services Request Procedure. All other disability needs please proceed to step #3. 
  3. Complete the documentation requirements. Have your healthcare provider complete the Medical Information For Housing Accommodation Request Form (.pdf)  and return it to the FIT-ABLE office. 
  4. After sufficient documentation is submitted, you will receive an email from FIT-ABLE to schedule a Housing Intake Meeting. That appointment should be scheduled using the FIT-ABLE portal.
  5. Your request will be reviewed and you will be notified via email of the Residence Hall Disability Accommodation decision.

Emotional Support Animal Request Procedure

Before starting the request procedure, please review the  Disability Accommodations for Service and Emotional Support Animals Policy .

  1. Complete FIT’s Residential Life Housing Application.
  2. Complete the FIT-ABLE Public Accommodation Request Form
  3. Complete the Emotional Support Animal Agreement Form (.pdf).
  4. Complete a Personal Written Statement that includes the following information:
      a. Type and Name of ESA you are requesting 
      b. Why you are requesting the ESA
      c. What will the impact be on you if the ESA is not approved
      d. Plan to meet the care needs of the ESA in the residential hall environment given academic, work and/or        extracurricular schedule. Care of the ESA is the student’s responsibility if approved 
       e. Plan to comply with NYC Regulations regarding animal registration if applicable
       f. Continued plan of care/treatment with the healthcare provider recommending the ESA   
       g. Name of emergency contact for care of animal in event student is unable to care of animal
       h. Photo of the ESA (this may be submitted later)
  5. Complete the documentation requirements. Have your healthcare provider complete the Medical Information For Emotional Support Animal Request Form (.pdf) and return it to the FIT-ABLE.
  6. After sufficient documentation is submitted, you will receive an email from FIT-ABLE to schedule a Housing Intake Meeting. That appointment should be scheduled using the FIT-ABLE portal.
  7. Providing Proof of Rabies Vaccination of cats and dogs and Proof of Licensure for dogs. These requirements are required annually by New York City regulations.
  8. Complete a Housing Intake Meeting with FIT-ABLE staff, which is includes meeting your ESA over Google Meet.
  9. Notified via email of the decision from FIT-ABLE.

Housing Accommodation Renewal

Returning students previously approved for a housing accommodation must complete a Housing Accommodation Continuation Request Form prior to each new academic year to be considered for a continuation of their accommodation. Dates for submitting the request to FIT-ABLE are above.  After students reapply, FIT-ABLE will advise students if updated documentation is needed to support the requested accommodation. 

On-Campus Dining Accommodations

Students should follow the procedures on the FIT Campus Dish website.  All students can meet with the Food Service director, Jan Weissberg ([email protected]) to discuss dietary needs and preferences.

Dining Services Request Procedure Based on Disability

  1. Follow the procedures on the  FIT Campus Dish Website.
  2. Dining Services will submit the completed form to FIT-ABLE if due to disability related dietary needs.
    a. If Dining Services can meet the disability related dietary needs, no further action needed.
    b. If Dining Services cannot meet the disability related dietary needs, the student can submit a Housing Request.


Any questions should be directed to FIT-ABLE at (212) 217-4090, [email protected], or in person at the FIT-ABLE Office, Dubinsky Student Center, Room A570.