Language and Learning at FIT: Celebrating the Stories of English Language Learners

Celebrating the Stories of English Language Learners

Patrick Jackson and Sasha Graybosh, Writing Studio

This proposal is to engage FIT's non-native English speaking student population in documenting their literacy narratives regarding their experiences of transitioning from writing and speaking in their home language to the English language. The project will also include the creation of an online gallery to publish these narratives so that they can be shared with the FIT community, as well as hosting an event to feature the writers and showcase their contributions. The objective of this project is to offer a new and insightful perspective on the way that non-native students are perceived at FIT. It seeks to provide encouragement to incoming non-native English speaking FIT students, as well as provide faculty a better understanding of some of the difficulties that exist within the ESL population, and the vast wealth of their contributions