Name: Andrea

Major: Advertising & Marketing Communications BS ‘25

Hometown: Bandung, Indonesia

Studying in New York City has been a longtime goal for Andrea! She wanted to experience living independently in a new diverse environment where she could learn and exchange knowledge with the people she interacts with.

During her first semester, she got a lot of help from the Writing & Speaking Studio, which aided her in editing essays and practicing for class presentations. Andrea advises new international students to get involved on campus - joining clubs is a great way to make new friends with the same interests. She loves the small class sizes at FIT, feeling that they allow for deeper discussions between students and professors.

Andrea loves reading, listening to podcasts, and playing tennis in her free time.


Name: Bupe

Major: Advertising & Marketing Communications AAS ‘24

Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa, & Lusaka, Zambia 

Involvement on Campus: Orientation Leader

Bupe's interest in studying abroad comes from a desire to gain exposure and experience other cultures outside of Africa. She felt that leaving home would be a  chance to grow and evolve as an individual. Though before arriving, she was concerned about making friends and cultural differences between herself and American-born students. She advises incoming international students to practice patience, as they may encounter people that lack knowledge of their home countries and should be prepared to have those uncomfortable conversations.

In her first semester, Bupe learned the importance of networking with her classmates and instructors - forming these relationships is vital to a successful school experience. Bupe's favorite part about FIT is the Style Shop and, of course, her fellow classmates! She is constantly inspired by FIT students and yearns to be engaged and immersed within the FIT community. 

Outside of school, Bupe is an avid gamer, loves movies, and is a certified nail artist.


Name: Catherine

Major: Advertising & Marketing Communications BS ‘25

Minor: Ethics and Sustainability 

Hometown: Zionsville, IN, USA

Involvement on Campus: Baker Scholar, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Community Service: Volunteer activities through Baker Scholars

Catherine is an experienced study abroad student, having participated in exchange programs and educational trips in her teens that brought her to cities throughout the United Kingdom, France, and Scandinavia. Catherine participated in FIT's Summer Study Abroad program in London, during which she interned as a Fashion Journalist for a major British publisher. The opportunity to live and intern in another country gave her valuable personal and professional experience that set her apart. 

Catherine loves the energy of New York City - she feels there is a pulse here that many other cities don't have. At FIT, she finds herself surrounded by creative, like-minded, driven individuals who are passionate about what they do. She advises new international students to take advantage of every opportunity - you never know where it could lead you!


Name: Janice

Major: Illustration BFA ‘25

Minors: Color Studies, English,  History of Art, Psychology

Hometown: Qingdao, China

Involvement on Campus: Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Presidential Scholar

Community service: Gold Coast Arts Center 

Janice brings a high level of energy and enthusiasm to her role as a Cultural Fellow! She is a longtime international student, having lived and studied in New York for eight years. Although she went to high school on nearby Long Island, Janice was initially concerned about finding her place at FIT and adjusting to the fast pace of the City. 

During her first semester, she learned two important lessons - not to be afraid to ask for help, and making mistakes is part of the growing and learning process. Janice advises new international students to get involved in campus activities, communicate with people of all kinds, and embrace FIT's diversity! Step out of your comfort zone - but don't force yourself into the panic zone!

Outside of school, Janice is an active person with multiple creative interests. You can find her rollerblading, figure skating, playing chess, baking, painting, and exploiting all the different types of food NYC has to offer!


Name: Jiwon

Major: Fashion Design AAS ‘24

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Jiwon is an energetic person excited to work as a Cultural Fellow! She is an experienced international student, having studied abroad alone in the Philippines and Japan since the age of 11. After going through culture shock at a young age, she shared her knowledge by working as a mentor to Vietnamese students in Korea. After studying Japanese Literature and Education at universities in Korea and Japan, Jiwon wanted to study in the US to find greater creative and professional opportunities. 

She was initially concerned about how language barriers may affect her classroom and social experiences on campus. Living and going to school in the US has led to both positive and negative experiences. Jiwon advises international students faced with difficulties to remember the determination and courage behind their decision to study in the US. Jiwon loves the diversity of the people in New York, which is a source of inspiration for her.



Name: Johanna

Major: Communication Design AAS ‘24

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden 

Johanna joined FIT after earning a Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems Science in her home country. As a lifelong fan of American pop culture, she fell in love with the idea of living in New York City and is now proud to call it home. Living here allows her to do virtually anything at any time!

She advises new students not only to make local friends but also to seek communities from their own country. She found it comforting to be in spaces where she could connect with people over shared language, fashion, and foods from home. Doing so helped her to adjust to living in a new city.

Johanna has a passion for anything creative, be it painting, illustration,  sewing, or graphics. While at home in Sweden, she loves to spend a summer day on the beach with a deck of cards and a bag of strawberries.



Name: Linda

Major: Fashion Business Management BS '24

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Involvement on Campus: Academic Skills Center French & FBM Tutor

Linda shares a birthday with her favorite designer, Coco Chanel! Linda’s favorite part about the FIT community is the shared enthusiasm for fashion and the related discussions that take place inside and outside the classroom. She has found campus support services such as the Writing & Speaking Studio and the Academic Skills Center to be valuable resources for students. Staff are there to help review papers and presentations, so be sure to stop by! 

She believes that FIT provides many opportunities; you just need to seek them out. Linda’s favorite experiences at FIT have involved her volunteer work for the annual FIT Future of Fashion Show.  Her selection as a top student by her professor allowed her to be deeply engaged in the biggest school event of the year. 

Linda loves living in the global fashion capital, New York City, a source of constant art and inspiration. She enjoys visiting museums, reading, and attending classical music concerts in her free time.


Name: MJ

Major: Advertising & Digital Design BFA ‘24

Minor: Creative Technology

Hometown: Hamamatsu, Japan and Suwon, South Korea

Involvement on campus: Advertising & Digital Design Club, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, National Society of Leadership and Success

Community service: KANA (Korean Association of New York Artists) Creative team member

MJ is a seasoned international student, having started her studies at an international high school in Chengdu, China. Her time there showed her how big this world really is. Having classmates of diverse nationalities inspired her to experience the world beyond the countries where she was raised. 

The pandemic forced MJ to start her FIT program online from home, and the time difference taught her how crucial time management is. During this experience, she learned how to juggle her assignments, projects, and even her personal life. When she finally arrived in NYC, she was inspired by the creative and ambitious people who she found very motivating. MJ loves FIT for its diversity. She finds people here very open-minded, respectful, and accepting.

MJ thinks it's important for new international students to be aware of what she calls “the fate of an international student” - that loneliness can set in, even in a crowded city like New York. She advises anyone going through this to think positively, eat delicious foods, exercise, and make friends, and remember that this, too, shall pass. 


Name: Nadia

Major: Fashion Design BFA ‘25

Minor: History of Art

Hometown: Makassar, Indonesia 

Nadia loves living and studying in a city where anything feels possible! She was drawn to the US for greater educational opportunities in the Arts. Here she feels that she can learn directly from top professors and brands in the industry – something that would be impossible to do at home. 

Nadia appreciates that the Fashion Design curriculum teaches a wide variety of new techniques and she also tries to take as many electives as possible each semester. She gets inspiration from her professors and was thrilled to learn that one even worked as a Senior Designer for her favorite designer - Eile Saab! She was initially concerned about how competitive FIT students are but she finds that her classmates are competitive in a healthy way and push each other to be better. To make friends, Nadia advises bonding with classmates  while doing assignments together after hours until the facilities close for the night.

In her spare time, Nadia loves reading, working out - she recently started running and loves it!  She also loves exploring new restaurants with her friends and usually has several reservations lined up on weekends - she invites you to join her anytime! 


Name: Naomi

Major: Advertising & Marketing Communications AAS ‘23

Hometown: Santiago, Chile

Naomi decided to study abroad in order to access better opportunities in the fashion and communications fields. Her goal is to use the knowledge and skills gained in New York City and bring them back to Chile. 

Before starting at FIT, Naomi was concerned about encountering language and culture barriers, as she comes from a small South American country that many may be unfamiliar with. However, every day has become more manageable, and she has enriched her communication skills with the many people she has met. Living here has made Naomi independent, as she learned to do things herself without relying on others. Finding her group of people was a slow process, but learning how to be independent in a big city was an enjoyable experience. She advises new international students to come to FIT with no expectations and to be optimistic and open.

Outside of class, Naomi loves to work out. She highly recommends the classes at the campus Fitness Center. You can also find her exploring NYC’s nature and waterfront, trying the different foods at Chelsea Pier, watching movies, and drawing. 


Name: Natalia

Major: Fashion Design AAS ‘23

Minor: Film and Media Studies

Hometown: Moscow, Russia

Involvement on Campus: Orientation Leader

Natalia’s interest in studying fashion design stems from her previous professional work as a stylist and costumer for feature films and commercials in her home country. She plans to use the skills she learns at FIT to become a costume designer for TV and film. In addition, she loves attending college in such a multicultural city, and living in New York City provides her with education on and off campus. 

Before coming to FIT, she was concerned about being a bit older than her classmates but found a diverse range of students on campus. She advises new students not to stress, as they will find assistance and opportunities for growth here. Her favorite campus resources are the Library, Health Services, and the Counseling Center.  

In her free time, Natalia loves conversing with others, sewing, hiking, and filming her walks around the city.


Name: Nazera

Major: Fashion Design BFA ‘24

Hometown: New Cairo City, Egypt

Involvement on Campus: Resident Assistant, International Programs Student Advisory Committee

Nazera is truly a world citizen, having lived in six countries before coming to the US to study. Moving around allowed her to acquire knowledge of various cultures and taught her to adapt to different environments.

Nazera completed her first year of FIT remotely from home. Starting a degree virtually was challenging, and she was initially concerned about how to meet new people. However, once on campus, she was able to make strong connections with others and found some amazing classmates and faculty. She is a natural leader who enjoys being involved with campus initiatives. 

Nazera loves the fast pace of New York City - its role as a fashion capital made it the right place to pursue her studies and career. In addition, she has found her professors to be empathetic and helpful. She advises new students to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge FIT professors have. 

Outside of school, Nazera is an adrenaline-loving thrill seeker! Her activities include adventure parks, diving, sprinting, and water sports - anything that gives her a rush. She is also passionate about working out and a big fan of Bollywood films.

cf nina

Name: Nina

Major: Fashion Business Management BS ‘24

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan 

Nina began her college education in Southern California before transferring to FIT. It had always been her dream to live in the US, and she feels that studying abroad is not something you do alone; your family is always with you, so appreciate them! 

After initially feeling concerned about moving to a place where she didn’t know anyone, Nina now feels at home in NYC. She loves the fast pace and opportunities it provides. She advises setting time aside daily to study to keep up with classwork and recommends using FIT tutoring services for extra help. 

Nina loves sushi and is passionate about doing yoga in her free time; she finds stretching a great way to refresh and relax! She looks forward to connecting with other students to share her experiences living in the US and as a student at FIT.



Name: Raisa

Major: Fashion Business Management BS ’23

Minors: History of Art, Design Thinking

Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Involvement on Campus: Student Tour Guide, Orientation Leader

Raisa is a natural extrovert who loves being involved on campus. She wanted to study abroad to explore the world and experience life in a new country. Initially, moving to the US from Bangladesh was both exciting and terrifying. However, the student leaders’ welcoming environment helped ease her transition. Pursuing a degree and living alone for the first time while acclimating to a new culture has certainly been a learning experience. She advises new international students to make the most of this new beginning and enjoy every moment to the fullest. You are not alone!

Raisa’s favorite part of FIT is its lively and fantastic community of like-minded individuals. Health Services has been a valuable resource for her -  check out their massage and acupuncture services!

Raisa loves to experience New York City nightlife, find the best dollar pizza, and spend time with loved ones when not at school.


Name: Tanisha

Major: Fashion Design AAS ‘24

Hometown: Visnagar, India 

Involvement on Campus: Student Tour Guide, Orientation Leader 

During her first semester at FIT, Tanisha was prepared to face a demanding academic schedule and late nights in the studios. However, she was concerned about making friends and interacting with new people. So she decided to talk to as many people on campus as possible to make connections. Her efforts paid off, and she found friends and a community here. Tanisha advises others to set aside any nervousness and do the same - she is confident you'll make good friends.

Tanisha encourages students to use the services at the Academic Advisement Center for academic support. Advisors help plan her schedule each semester to ensure she meets all her requirements. 

Tanisha has found FIT to be a place where her creativity can thrive, receiving support from faculty who encourage her and celebrate her achievements. In addition to Fashion Design, her creative interests include poetry, jewelry design, Mehndi, guitar, and dance. Fun facts about Tanisha - she is ambidextrous and has five feet long hair! 



Name: Tanvi

Major: Fashion Design AAS ‘24

Hometown: Nanded, India

Tanvi chose to study abroad due to a desire to gain a global perspective not only on the Fashion industry but life in general and felt that New York City was the best place to do so. The thing she initially found most daunting about NYC is now her favorite - the fast pace! She loves the way everyone in the City is so inspired and free-spirited. The fast-paced environment inspires her to work on herself and her career with passion and zest. 

Tanvi has a lot of great advice for new international students. First, she learned the importance of time management during her first semester. She feels it is one of the most essential parts of academic life, as it takes the pressure and improves one's work. She advises new students to keep an open mind - it will help a ton while adjusting to life in the US. She also suggests that students utilize the services FIT provides, such as the Academic Skills Tutoring Center and the Library, and try to participate in the events organized by the college as much as possible. Here's where you can make amazing friends (and get a lot of freebies ;)

In her free time, Tanvi enjoys exploring the outdoors. Madison Square Park, the High Line, and Chelsea Piers are her favorite places near campus.


Name: Wendy

Major: Illustration MFA ‘25

Hometown: Shenzhen, China

Involvement on Campus: FIT Chinese Students & Scholars Association

Wendy is excited to return to New York City after completing her BFA in Illustration at a nearby college in 2021. Before arriving, she was concerned about her ability to rebuild connections with previous friends and classmates. Luckily, in addition to reconnecting with many of them, she met many talented new cohorts at FIT.

For Wendy, studying abroad helped her learn more about herself. Without physical connections to her family, she gradually realized who she truly was, focusing on questions of independence and self-expression. For her, such answers could only be revealed while studying abroad, especially while facing a language barrier and culture shock. Eventually, she overcame many difficulties and built self-confidence to encounter more exciting and challenging opportunities. 

Wendy advises new students to speak up, and not be afraid of making mistakes - this is the only way to grow as a student! She advises new graduate students to socialize off campus to help build social connections and promote their work. 

In her free time, Wendy likes to sketch outside. She also enjoys jogging and traveling outside of NYC during breaks, preferably somewhere green and wild. Fun fact: Wendy's name is Weiyi, pronounced as 'Way-E and written as 惟依 in Chinese which means "only, unique."




Name: Yukti

Major: Advertising & Digital Design BFA ‘25

Hometown: Delhi, India

Involvement on Campus: Chief-of-Staff of FIT Student Government Association, Resident Assistant, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Orientation Leader

Yukti is a highly involved FIT student in both the classroom and her extracurricular pursuits. It initially took time to adjust to a new country and balance her social, academic, and professional activities, but she is proud to have achieved these goals while maintaining a high GPA and maintaining her position as a Resident Assistant.

She wanted to study abroad to understand her field better and gain global experience. She loves that FIT is a diverse campus where you meet like-minded people from all over the world and believes these experiences are essential to personal and professional development and success. Yukti advises new students to get involved in campus events and to make as many connections and friends as possible. 

Yukti believes that New York City is the place to make your dreams become your reality! Outside of school, she loves exploring the city on foot, baking, and painting.