Academic Empowerment

The videos below are a compilation of information from a variety of sources.

Videos put out by another college may refer to services available only to students at that college. FIT students should, of course, contact the Counseling Center, Room A212B, at telephone number (212) 217-4260 for additional information.

Study & Learning Skills

Bloom's Taxonomy-Learning Levels (How we think and process information) 

Study Better in College: The Study Cycle

Studying Efficiently: Intense Study Sessions

Why We Forget What We Study

How to Study: Active vs. Passive Strategies

Study through Recitation

Time Management & Procrastination

Work Smart: How to Write a To Do List that Actually Gets Done!

How to Create and Use a Semester Calendar

How to Procrastinate & Get Away With It

Managing Priorities

“I Don’t Feel Like It” Is a Mindset for Amateurs

Exam Preparation & Test Taking

Strategies for Exam Prep

How to Take a Multiple Choice Test