About the Program

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International Trade and Marketing for the Fashion Industries is a two-year Bachelor of Science degree.

Currently, ITM does not have a lower division program; all incoming students must have earned Associate's degree or a minimum of 60 credits. ITM also attracts students who have earned Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate degrees.

ITM prepares students for management positions in international trade and global fashion and creative companies.  Students pursue careers in import/export companies as well as international companies dealing with law, finance, customs compliance, trade policies, management, marketing, sourcing, logistics, research, educational, and sustainability.

ITM consists of several "teaching fields."

  • U.S. Trade Policies & World Trade
    Courses: International Trade, International Trade Practicum (field trip abroad)
  • International Trade Law
    Courses: International Business Law, International Business Strategies & Fashion Law
  • International Finance
    Courses: International Business Transactions, International Finance
  • Global Sourcing
    Courses: Global Sourcing in Textile Industries, Global Sourcing in Home Furnishings
  • Import/Export Regulations
    Courses: Compliance Management in International Trade, Import/Export Regulations
  • International Logistics
    Courses: International Logistic
  • International Marketing
    Courses: Global Marketing, International Marketing Research, Global Marketing of Luxury Brands, Export Promotion Marketing
  • International Management
    Courses: International Corporate Responsibility, International Management

ITM faculty are experts in their fields and have strong connections with industry. They have at least ten years of professional experience in executive positions, have done business in many countries in six continents, and actively participate in international business and educational conferences including, but not limited to, Australia, France, Thailand, Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Israel, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, Iceland, Hungary, Hong Kong, Nepal, Jordan, South Korea, China, Monaco, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Canada, and Guatemala.

ITM faculty are active members of professional organizations that serve their professions and industries, such as the New York District Export Council, Cotton Board, United States Fashion Industry Association, Continuing Education Association of New York, the Organization of Women in International Trade, Fashion Group International, Women's Forum International as well as Custom Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association.

In a recent survey, ITM graduates were found working as import/export managers, international buyers, policy analysts, foreign currency experts, marketing managers, editors in international publications, production management coordination, managing branches of international retail chains, university professors, etc. Their salaries range, depending on employment length and seniority, between $40,000 and $130,000. One-hundred percent of the surveyed graduates believe that ITM is an effective program and that it gave them a global perspective.