Housing Rates: Fall 24–Spring 25

Please note there are three fees associated with on campus housing. These are explained below:

  • A one time fee of $97 which is for enrollment into the mandatory personal property insurance.
  • A Residential Technology Fee of $237 per semester for residential software support, and infrastructure maintenance.
  • A Residence Association Fee of $33 which goes to programmatic efforts


Residence Hall Room Rate Per Semester
Alumni Hall  

Double Bedroom in Quad Occupancy Apartment


CoEd Hall  

Double Occupancy Apartment


Quad Occupancy Apartment


Traditional Double occupancy room


Single Occupancy traditional style room


Kaufman Hall  

Double Occupancy Apartment


Triple Occupancy Apartment


Single Room in Quad Occupancy Apartment


Single Occupancy Apartment


Double Room in Quad occupancy apartment


Triple room in quad occupancy apartment



Single Occupancy traditional style room


double apartment


single occupancy apartment


traditional double occupancy room


Meal Plans: 2024–2025

* All residents must have either a declining balance or meal plan depending on their student status. For more information please visit Guide to living on campus

Visit Campus Dining for more information on Dining Services and Meal Plan Explanations.