Speaking Consultations

FIT’s Writing Studio offers assistance with all public speaking and presentation needs for students and faculty. While the Writing and Speaking Studio will be happy to discuss any communication needs (academic, professional, and personal), students and faculty can consider the following as examples of some of the most common ways we provide feedback:


At this stage, just bring your assignment and/or your ideas!

Before you start speaking or writing, it can be helpful to think about what you want to say and why. Planning solidly before you begin any other preparations for your speech or presentation can make all the difference. We assist students with:

  • Audience-, Occasion-, and Self-Analysis
  • Understanding and Addressing Assignment Guidelines 
  • Producing and Revising Topics
  • Developing Clear Purpose
  • Preliminary Research
  • Generating Ideas, Outlining, and Drafting 


Bring your assignment, your ideas, and any work you’ve begun!

Once you’ve made a plan and determined the purpose behind your presentation or speaking engagement, you can prepare your plan for action.

We offer support in:

  • Further Outlining and Drafting
  • Organizing and Structuring for Impact and Effect
  • Writing Clear Introductions, Bodies, and Conclusions
  • Researching and Integrating Source Material
  • Preparing Written and Oral Citations
  • Creating of Effective Delivery Aids
  • Drafting Speaking Outlines, Notecards, and Other Notes
  • Developing and Planning Visual Aids and Artifacts
  • Revising - Adding, Deleting, Moving, Connecting Content
  • Logistical Planning for Physical Space, Time, and Technology


Bring your assignment, delivery aid, visual aid, and be prepared to speak!

After you have planned and prepared your speech or presentation, it is time to practice.

At this advanced point in the process, we provide students with strategies for:

  • Developing Realistic Practice Techniques
  • Working with Public Speaking Anxiety
  • Managing Eye-Contact, Posture, Movement, Voice Projection, Tone, Pace, Uhs and Ums, and Overall Nonverbal Performance
  • Using Visual Aids
  • Preparing for Q&A Sessions