Summer MS Workshops 2020 - Remote Course Descriptions

Middle school summer workshops are offered remotely through Google Classroom. Remote courses will require students to login in real-time for the lecture and classroom-style learning, and they will have access to additional resources (ie. tutorial videos, handouts etc.) when class time is over.

Students will be required to log on during specific class times to participate in virtual discussions, read lectures, complete assignments, and interact with the instructor and other students (REMINDER: attendance, participation and project completion are part of the grading process).

Please review the required supplies for each course, as some courses will need students to acquire software, equipment or tools for full participation.

For dates, times and price please refer to the individual middle school program pages:

Descriptions and Required Materials

REQUIRED FOR ALL CLASSES:  The minimum requirement for all courses is a device with internet connectivity. We do not recommend using a phone as the primary device for your course as some features may not be optimized. Additional specific material or equipment requirements will be posted with your courses' description as we receive them.


JSX 006: Basic Digital Photography: Portraits
Learn the basic techniques for making good photographs with a focus on portraits. You will learn camera use, composition, exposure, basic lighting, camera care, and editing of digital files.


  • Camera with manual controls 
  • 16 gig or larger memory card (check your camera to see if it needs SD or CF card)* *SD card readers if your laptop/computer cannot read a card
  • Ability to take notes (on computer or notebook)


JSX 011: Fashion Art: Silhouettes
Learn a wide variety of garment silhouettes (sleeves, skirts, necklines, pants, etc.) as you draw on fashion figures provided by the instructor. You will then mix and match these women's wear silhouettes to create your own designs. Experienced students may also use their own fashion figures.  


  • HB pencil, 2B pencil (#2 pencil will suffice)
  • Sharpener 
  • Eraser (kneaded)
  • 11” x 14”Marker Pad ( Borden & Riley Marker Paper Bienfang Graphics recommended)
  • Color Pencils 
  • Markers (ChartPak Brand is a good brand; others are fine also) 
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • 11x14 black foam core or cardstock or oaktag to mount your final project on

JSX 013: Fashion Art: Faces and Figures
Female fashion figures (called croquis) are unique to each designer. In this class, you will learn how to develop your very own fashion figures, complete with facial details to convey the right attitude for your designs. You will finally design a line of croquis wearing your original designs.  


  • Current month issue of your favorite fashion magazine(s)
  • Tracing pad (11”x 14”), (recommended: Borden and Rily #37)
  • Marker pad (11”x 14”)
  • Markers (chatpak recommend)
  • Colored pencils (prisma color recommend)
  • Fine-line black markers in different thicknesses. (Micron recommended)
  • White pencil for rendering dark colors. (Will explain in class)
  • Artists pencils (HB,B&2B)
  • Kneaded eraser
  • C-thru plastic ruler 12”
  • Double stick tape/ glue-stick

JSX 014: Fashion Art: Junior Fashion Trends
What is the difference between Women's and Junior's fashions? LOTS! Fit, fabric, shape, and attitude all come into play when designing for the female junior market. Learn how to design for a current youth market and incorporate the latest trends.


  • 11 x 17 clear plastic folder to hold work and supplies

  • 2 HB pencils  

  • 2 Prismacolor 90% gray colored pencils

  • Hand Held Sharpener

  • Kneaded Eraser

  • Paper Scissors

  • Glue stick, rubber cement or double stick tape

  • Removable tape

  • 11 X 14 Tracing Pad

  • 11 X 14 Marker Layout Pad (we recommend Borden & Riley #37 or Bienfang Graphics #360)

  • 1 Set Of Prismacolor Pencils (24 Piece Set or Larger)

  • Chartpak AD Markers

  • Choose one skin tone marker from the list:  -Pale Flesh, Buff, or Sand.

  • 1 11x14 size presentation board.  Color Black    MUST HAVE BY SESSION 3.


JSX 019: Fashion History: Trends Through the Decades
Fashion is a reflection of trends in art, music, and technology, as well as a reflection of events in society. Trends in fashion are important because they repeat themselves and are often “reinvented” by current designers. In this workshop, you will learn about fashion from the 20th century to the present day and how events in history, music, politics, etc., influenced each fashion trend. You will also use FIT’s Library archives to learn about historic designer garments. Each student will research a time period that inspires them the most and create a final mood board collage to use as future fashion inspiration!


  • Favorite Fashion & Lifestyle Magazines (travel, art, home, etc.) The students will hold it up to the class and explain why they like it and pick a picture to show everyone.
  • Pencil and pen  
  • Notebook or Drawing pad (any size, this could also be loose paper)
  • Colored pencils and/or markers



JSX 031: Basic Drawing Skills
This course will introduce you to general drawing principles and techniques. Observational drawing is introduced with a focus on line, contour, shading, composition, and perspective.


  • Drawing Paper pad 18”x 24” recommended brand:  Strathmore, Canson, Blick
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Drawing pencils 2B,4B, 8B
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Compressed charcoal and/or vine charcoal
  • Transparent plastic pattern grading ruler 18”



JSX 035: Experimenting with Color 
Delve into the world of color as you explore color-wheel mixing, color temperature, color harmonies, and color painting. You will create a number of compositions with a focus on color, working abstractly, and using texture and collaging to create final projects. 


  • Acrylic Paint/ 1 tube each/ minimum size 8 oz or larger- primary- medium Red (no hue), Yellow, ultramarine Blue, White &  Black 
  • Plastic palette knife - Quantity= 3
  • 1 Roll of paper towels
  • 9” x 12” or larger plastic tray to use as a palette OR substitute the above with a piece of cardboard and wax paper
  • Old T-Shirt or Smock to protect clothing
  • Collect/Save Old Magazines or painted papers
  • 11 x 17 watercolor or bristol paper pad
  • Elmers glue stick
  • Container for water (empty coffee can/soup can/plastic container, etc)
  • 2-3 acrylic paint brushes

JSX 036: Life Drawing for Middle School
If you're looking at art high schools, you know that many of them want to see a portfolio with samples of life drawings, observational drawings, or a portrait. Well, we've got you covered! In this course, you will work from reference to learn the human form. Don't worry, we make the techniques easy and fun to learn. You will focus on line, proportion, gesture, and composition, and if you don't know what that means, well teach you that too! Perfect class for beginning artists. 


  • 1 small box of Vine charcoal - soft 

  • 1 Lyra Graphite Crayon 6B or 9B

  • 1 (each) Pencil (2H, HB, 3B, 6B, 9B)

  • 1 Eraser Pencil with White Eraser

  • 1 Lyra Kneadable Eraser

  • 1 Sharpener

  • 1 pack of  Gray Paper Stumps assorted sizes

  • 18” x 24” newsprint pad

  • 18" x 24" all purpose drawing paper (around 70 lbs) pad


JSX 038: Exploring Painting, Drawing, and Collage
Drawing with watercolor crayons, painting with acrylics, mask-making, and assemblage are all techniques explored in this class. Learn how to use a variety of media for experimentation and fun, or towards developing your unique artistic vision. 


  • Bristol paper pad / Mix Media paper 8.5"x 11" or larger (it can be any thicker paper) even CARDSTOCK!

  • Watercolor pencils, Water Colors or Food Coloring drops!

  • Crayon or Oil pastels

  • 2B Pencil and if you have color pencils or markers that would work

  • Paint brushes of any kind! Even Sponge brushes or cheap house paint brushes.

  • Small containers for water.

  • Apron or old shirt to protect clothes

  • Variety of different colored and textured papers, cardboard, and fabrics

  • Magazines with nice images Animals, food or Fashion

  • News paper

  • Dry cleaning wire hangers ( about 3 or 4)

  • Pair of scissors

  • Glue stick and white glue

OPTIONAL: student's choice of any other media ig: dry pastel, India ink, graphite stick, Conté crayon, plasticine, color pencils, markers.


JSX 040: Fashion Merchandising Trend-Spotting
Did you ever wonder how certain items become key fashion trends? During this class you will learn how fashion experts forecast upcoming trends. You will scrutinize the upcoming women's wear collections and learn how this information helps develop private labels for future seasons. You will also learn about major trend services that help forecast key colors, prints, fabrics, details, key items, and accessories. After these few days, you will be thinking about all the exciting career opportunities that are available in the fashion industry! 


  • Notebook
  • Fashion magazines (2)
  • Camera phone or digital camera
  • Poster board
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Black and colored markers

JSX 045: Careers in Fashion Styling
Fashion Styling is a hot career right now, but what exactly does a stylist do and what are the career options for someone who is passionate about fashion? Learn about personal styling, celebrity styling, and commercial and editorial styling as well as the skills needed to succeed in each area. Learn how to shop and prep merchandise; style using color, shape, and proportion; identify fashion trends and resources; and develop a personal aesthetic. You will work on individual projects throughout this workshop.


  • Fashion Magazine/s  (that you can cut up - for collages and mood boards) 
  • Scissors
  • Glue or duct tape 
  • Markers 
  • 2 Presentation boards  18”x24”  each 
  • Graphite Pencil
  • Eraser 
  • White printer paper 8.5" x 11"   (several sheets) 
  • Notebook and pen

JSX 050: Fashion: From Drawing to Runway
This class will teach you the steps you need to take, to make your FASHION RUNWAY dreams a reality. Learn how your women's wear designs travel through the fashion design process; how to translate inspiration into sketches and mood/design boards; why one fabric is better than another; what happens in the pattern room; how the factory works; what it takes to produce a runway show; and finally, how your designs end up in a store! After this class you will know how a real designer puts a line together and have a road map for your future. 


  • Favorite fashion and lifestyle magazines
  • Pencils or mechanical pencil
  • Drawing pad (8 1/2" x 11" or 11" x 14")
  • Kneaded eraser or handheld eraser
  • Colored pencils or markers (Prismacolor is suggested but not mandatory)
  • Poster board or mat board (11 x 14)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Clear 12” ruler
  • Sharpie ultra fine or pack of assorted micron pens
  • Suggested: Marker paper- 11x14 *If using markers to render