Costume Design and Wardrobe Technician Certificate

Fundamentals for an entertainment industry career

The photo of the stage is from the Broadway production of Kinky Boots (at the Hirschfeld Theatre (running 2013-2019)

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This intensive certificate course is designed to introduce students to the elements of costume design and wardrobe departments. Learn the fundamentals of costume design, costume illustration, wardrobe, and basic hand-sewing skills. Visualize the storytelling potential of costume design, curate costume choices through script and character analysis, and discover the functions of wardrobe departments. Explore basic illustration techniques (to meet each student's skill level) while gaining experience in communicating ideas visually and verbally. An introduction to the disciplines of costume design for theater, film, dance, and television will be covered. Many of the foundational skills taught in this course are applicable to various platforms and live performances. Guest speakers who are relevant industry professionals from various media platforms will periodically complement this course. This certificate course concludes with the creation of a resume and cover letter for use in the entertainment industry.

This certificate is recommended for newcomers and those interested in learning more about the field, including a basic understanding of industry standards and professional expectations. This remote certificate course will give each student the advantage of learning from multiple professionals actively working in the design and wardrobe industry.


  • High-speed internet connection
  • A standard laptop or desktop computer that is capable of running the latest browser to stream media
  • Built-in or external webcam and speakers

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The renderings are by Joshua Burns from the play The Visit a tragi-comedy by Friedrich Durrenmatt; Character: Claire Zachamastian; opening scene, Act I; medium: watercolor and ink

Learn How To

  • Develop and hone skills for entry level employment in the entertainment industry
  • Work with costume design and wardrobe teams and learn the importance of their various titles and roles
  • Collaborate with multiple departments within the entertainment industry
  • Design a production, from start to finish, with an overview of the fundamental skills needed
  • Define a character through the use of clothing and accessories
  • Develop the skills necessary to expand your professional vocabulary
  • Maintain clothing, including fabric care, costume preparation, and the proper use of allied materials
  • Build and maintain a wardrobe kit
  • Use fundamental hand stitching and hemming techniques used in wardrobe and costume design
  • Attach buttons and other closures with various methods
  • Use techniques used by some of the most influential designers in the industry and learn how their designs help tell a story
  • Develop rendering skills to portray basic proportion and an understanding of light, shadow, drape, and texture, and how choices tell a story
  • Create an industry-specific resume and cover letter
  • Navigate the roles of the wardrobe and costume design unions and membership benefits

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Why FIT?

  • Curriculum created and facilitated by an industry professional working in multiple venues including Broadway, The Metropolitan Opera, film, and television.
  • Certificate was developed by career professionals working in the entertainment industry
  • Learn cutting-edge design skills that are in high demand
  • An immersive learning experience that provides hands-on skill development
  • Engage in conversations with multiple guest speakers in top industry positions
  • This certificate isn’t widely available outside of FIT
  • Earn a certificate from FIT/SUNY, a world renowned college of art and design, business and technology


  • Creation of industry-specific resume and cover letter
  • Completion of in class basic sewing techniques
  • Wardrobe care and maintenance tutorials and documents specific to the course exercises
  • Using an assigned play, students will create documents including the following:
    • Script analysis
    • Research boards
    • Renderings
    • Costume plot with scene breakdown
    • Budget
    • Character closet

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