ITM Practicum

During winter session, ITM students travel abroad for International Trade Practicum. This is an an international field trip to observe, learn, and understand a country's fashion markets, trade, people, and history. Under the supervision of a FIT professor, students work individually or on small groups on a research project related to their majors or career plans. Each person or team makes a presentation at the end of the field trip summarizing research findings. Participants learn to source international contacts, conduct international field research, develop safe travel skills, and handle travel emergencies. Several pre-trip planning sessions in New York City are required. Applications are due a semester prior to the trip.

Winter 2025


IN492 International Trade Practicum (3 credits)
January 2–21*, 2025
Students interested in international business will find in The Philippines a great opportunity to observe this South East Asian country's increasing involvement in apparel manufacturing, fashion design, indigenous weaving techniques, and global supply chains of upscale and other brands, multicultural dealings, and other activities. With a population of over 119 million people, mostly living in urban cities, Practicum participants will observe how local fashion brands compete with American and European imports in Manila and Cebu. We will visit government offices, factories, attend young and iconic designers workshops, shopping malls, and artisanal centers.

Trip Fee, which includes airfare, double-room, daily breakfast, and sightseeing tours, is expected to be revealed in April 2024.

The Practicum is open to all undergraduate students. Kindly contact Prof. Christine Pomeranz for further information.

*Ending date might be shortened to keep the trip’s fee as announced.
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Winter 2024


IN492   International Trade Practicum: Australia
January 5 –19, 2024 (End date might be shortened to keep the trip fee manageable.)

This ITM practicum offers students interested in international businesses a great opportunity to observe a dynamic economy with strong links in global supply chains. Australia is a developed country and one of the wealthiest in the world, with the world's 12th largest economy. We will study Australia’s fashion markets, wool industry, popularity of U.S. brands, history, and contemporary social and political issues.  

The cost will be the program fee plus three tuition credits. Fees will be determined during the Spring 2023 semester.  Fees include airfare, double room, daily breakfast, and sightseeing tours.

For more information please email Professor Sonja Chapman.
Applications are open.


These are the questions we receive most often about ITM Practicum.

Students participating in Practicum select their topics in the fall semester prior to the field trip and they have a choice of doing their projects individually or in teams.

Starting early in September they develop a project outline, use library and Internet to obtain secondary data, contact and visit local companies and agencies in New York to conduct preliminary interviews. They also contact companies in the target country to schedule interviews and visits.

After arriving to the target country, students learn about its economy, markets, business practices, and people and complete their research projects. Their findings are presented to the group, and graded by the professor, in a formal session the day before coming back to the United States.

Each country has its own visa requirements. You must have a valid passport that will not expire within a year of the practicum date and you must obtain a tourist visa at the consulate in New York City. Be aware that some countries take a month or longer in granting visas. FIT's Office of International Programs will issue instructions in October on how to apply for a visa.

It is always recommended, before an international trip, to research the health environment of your destination. A good place to start is the website of the Centers  for Disease Control (CDC), which maintains heath alerts for all countries. Print the information and bring it to your personal physician at least three months in advance of your trip in case she recommends vaccines or other precautions. Note: a three-month lead-time is needed because some vaccines are not stocked by physicians offices or pharmacies and they have be ordered from the manufacturer. Also, most vaccines need to be injected at least 2-3 weeks in advance in order to activate their defense in the human body. In general, each person's medical conditions are unique and only your personal physician can best determine how to prepare for a safe trip abroad.  

Register as early as possible and meet all deadlines. As long as you apply before we reach maximum enrollment, your research topic is approved, and you meet all deadlines, you can count on participating on the next practicum.

Yes, ITM welcomes students from all majors to participate in the Practicum. In the past, we have had students from FBM, Fashion Design, AMC, and other majors. In fact, they make this field trip more exciting with their different professional perspectives. They should enquire in advance with their academic advisors in their departments about whether they can use these three credits as an elective course.