Assessment of General Education

FIT’s general education courses provide a significant contribution to student learning at FIT, by enhancing critical skills such as written communication, quantitative reasoning, and scientific understanding and providing students with learning in liberal arts disciplines that they can connect to their majors. FIT’s general educational requirements, drawn from SUNY requirements, can be found here:  Undergraduate Catalog General Education Requirements

In addition to the ten general education areas, students are expected to develop competency in critical reasoning and information management in their college educations.

Currently, FIT assesses all of the general education areas, as well as the key competencies. The communication skills of writing and oral communication are assessed separately. In all, 13 general education areas are assessed on a three-year cycle, with four to five areas being assessed in a particular year.

Designated faculty coordinators lead the assessment projects, working with the Office of Academic and Administrative Assessment and the Faculty Senate Academic Assessment Committee. Each project culminates in an action plan to strengthen student learning in the designated area.

FIT community members can access executive summaries and final action plans for all general education assessments conducted at FIT since 2012.

» General Education Assessment Schedule (pdf)

» Guidelines for General Education Assessment (pdf)