Academic Department Advisory Boards

Policy No. AA006

Policy Statement

FIT's Academic Department Advisory Boards, which consist of external members, provide information, advice, and assistance to academic departments on issues of importance to their programs. Persons appointed to an advisory board have relevant knowledge or subject expertise in the field or hold positions with governmental or policy bodies that relate to the field of their expertise. Advice from an Academic Department Advisory Board about the departments program, planning, implementation, development and evaluation is carefully considered by the college. However, because it is advice, the activity of the board is limited to suggestions, recommendations and assistance. Advisory boards do not have administrative authority or fiscal control.

Who Should Read This Policy

Departments with advisory boards and those planning to create advisory boards

Policy Information

  • Responsible Administrator(s): Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Responsible Office(s): Academic Affairs
  • Date Issued: September 2014
  • Contact: Vice President for Academic Affairs

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