Waitlisting is a feature in MyFIT that allows you to get in line for fall and spring courses that have filled up/closed. This automated process notifies students, via FIT email, if/when a spot has opened up for the class.

Being on a Waitlist does not guarantee registration.  When you waitlist a section, you are not registered for the class. The waitlist means you are waiting for a seat/space to open up.

How to Sign up for a Course Waitlist

  • Log in to MyFIT
  • Under the Registration heading, click on Register/Add/Drop Classes
  • Under Add Classes to Worksheet, enter in the CRN (4 or 5 digit course reference number) in one of the boxes
  • Click Submit Changes
  • You will get a registration add error message alerting you that the course is closed/full. (Note: if other registration errors exist, you will not be able to get on a waitlist.)
  • Under Action, select WAIT LIST from the drop-down menu box and click Submit Changes
  • The course will be on your current schedule with a status of WAIT LIST

Notification to Register

If a spot becomes available for a class you've waitlisted, an automated email is sent to your FIT email address. The email will advise you to register within 24 hours; the 24-hour time span starts from the time the email goes out.  If you do not register for the course within the allotted time, you will lose the spot, and the open seat will be offered to the next student on the waitlist.

When you receive the email notification that a space has opened up for you into the course:

  • Log in to MyFIT
  • Find the waitlisted class on your schedule (the status will say WAIT LIST)
  • Under Action, select WEB REGISTER from the drop-down menu
  • Click Submit Changes     

Find Your Place on the Waitlist

  • Go to your registration in MyFIT
  • Click the Find Classes tab
  • Click on the Schedule Details tab
  • Expand the arrow on the left of the waitlisted course title
  • Find the WAITLIST POSITION field

How to Drop from a Course Waitlist

You may drop yourself from a waitlist at any time by going into your registration and selecting WEB DROP for the class, then clicking Submit Changes. You will not incur any fees.

Additional Information

  • Be sure to monitor your courses/waitlists and determine how long you feel comfortable waiting for a seat to open. If the start of the term is approaching and you haven't registered for the course, you should consider registering for other sections/courses to fulfill requirements.
  • You can Waitlist yourself for multiple courses, but not for multiple sections of the same course.
  • If you have registration errors, you will not be able to get on a waitlist. Follow the protocol to obtain your Special Approvals by contacting the department chair for the course. If the department approves and enters your override online, you may waitlist for the course, and you will be able to register if a spot/seat opens up.  
  • When adding yourself to a waitlist, you will not get an error for a time conflict so be mindful of your schedule and be prepared to make changes, should a spot become available.
  • If you add yourself to a waitlist, be sure to check your FIT email every day, or you may miss out on an opportunity to register for the course.
  • If you lose your spot on a waitlist, or intentionally drop your spot, you can get back on that waitlist, but keep in mind you may then be lower priority on the queue.
  • Waitlists will be turned off and purged before the semester begins.  
  • Unless you have been notified by email that there is a spot for you in a course with a waitlist, you will get a <Reserved for Waitlist> registration error message.  Check the Conditional Add and Drop box when you want to drop a course from your schedule, only if you are able to add a new course to your schedule without error.  If an error message pops up, the class will not be dropped from your schedule.
  • Waitlisting is not available for winter or summer courses.
  • Waitlisting is not available for cross-listed courses.
  • Being on a waitlist does not guarantee you will be able to register for the course.