Department Directory

Acting Vice President: Tardis Johnson, EdD
Interim Assistant Vice President for Student Success & Dean of Students: Corie McCallum, PhD
Senior Operations Manager: Bonnie Duke
Office of the Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Success
Business & Liberal Arts Center, Room B-221 (2nd floor)
(212) 217-3800
(212) 217-3811 fax

Student Success

Dean of Students Office
Business & Liberal Arts Center, Room B-221 (2nd floor)
(212) 217-3800
(212) 217-3811 fax
[email protected]

Athletics and Recreation
Director: Keith Heron
Dubinsky Student Center, Room AX-12A (Sub-basement)
(212) 217-4215
(212) 217-4211 fax
[email protected]

Counseling Center
Acting Director: Jay Choi, PhD
Dubinsky Student Center, Room A-212B (2nd floor)
(212) 217-4260
(212) 217-4261 fax

Disability Support Services (FIT-ABLE)
Director: Joseph Plutz
Dubinsky Student Center, Room A-570 (5th floor)
(212) 217-4090
(212) 217-4091 fax
[email protected]

Educational Opportunity Programs
Director: Taur Orange
Dubinsky Student Center, Room A-470 (4th floor)
(212) 217-4170
(212) 217-4171 fax
[email protected]

Health Services
Director: Anne Miller
Dubinsky Student Center, Room A-402 (4th floor)
(212) 217-4190
(212) 217-4191 fax
[email protected]

International Student Services
Director: Marie Mekari
Business & Liberal Arts Center, Room B-103 (1st floor)
(212) 217-3700
(212) 217-3701 fax
[email protected]

Residential Life
Interim Director: Angela Brown
Alumni Hall, Lobby (1st floor)
(212) 217-3900
(212) 217-3901 fax
[email protected]

Student Life
Director: Christie Graziano
Dubinsky Student Center, Room A-713 (7th floor)
(212) 217-4130
(212) 217-4131 fax
[email protected]

Enrollment Management

Director: Richard Sunday
Feldman Center, Room C-139 (1st floor)
(212) 217-3760
(212) 217-3761 fax
[email protected] (for prospective students) or
[email protected] (current applicants or students)

Financial Aid
Director: Deven Dindyal
Dubinsky Student Center, Room A-212A (2nd floor)
(212) 217-3560
(212) 217-3561 fax
[email protected]

Office of the Registrar
Director: Rita Cammarata
Feldman Center, Room C-158 (1st floor)
(212) 217-3820
(212) 217-3821 fax
[email protected]