Syllabi, Textbooks, and Required Course Materials

Policy No: AA004

Policy Statement

An effective syllabus is an important teaching document. It can motivate students and help communicate the instructor’s teaching philosophy. The syllabus describes the structure of a course, which assists students in effective time management and course planning. Policies, standards, and requirements that are clearly stated in the syllabus help resolve disputes between students and instructors. Clearly framed syllabi are also associated with positive student outcomes and serve as important tools for assessment and accreditation.

This policy will help faculty gather information to meet documentation standards of accrediting bodies that require instructors to communicate course requirements to students via course syllabi.  This policy will also help facilitate clear communication between faculty and students regarding the schedule of topics, activities, and learning outcomes intended by each course.

This policy also addresses registration of textbook information and required course materials, which along with syllabi, is key information students need at or before the beginning of a course in order to fully prepare for study and determine their cost of attendance.

Who Should Read This Policy

  • All faculty
  • Deans
  • Students
  • Department Chairpersons

Policy Information

  • Responsible Administrator: Vice President for Academic Affairs 
  • Responsible Office: Academic Affairs
  • Implementation History: Issued November 2019
  • Contact(s): Academic Affairs; Center for Excellence in Teaching (CET)

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