Apply for Housing

Housing Selection 2023 - Putting Down Roots

Housing selection for New FIT Students (first year and transfer students) will begin in May! Selection takes part in two phases, the first allows students to choose their roommate and room. Phase 2 is for students who apply after the deadline and may not have the ability to choose their roommate or room type. 

Housing Selection Timeline

May 17 at 10AM - Housing Selection Application Opens
June 2 - Last day to submit an application for Phase 1 Housing
June 7 - Roommate Selection Starts
June 21 - Room Selection Starts
June 23 - Room Selection Ends

Phase 1 Overview - May 17 to June 23

Step 1: The Housing Deposit & Application
Opens May 17, 2023

The housing application will be available on students' myHousing portal beginning May 17, 2023 at 10AM EST. We strongly encourage residents to apply as early as possible. Any applicant after June 2, 2023 will automatically be moved to Phase 2 of the process. 

Students will submit a non-refundable $500 housing deposit in order to complete the housing application. This is NOT an additional fee and will be credited toward your total housing charges. Acceptable forms of payment are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. 

Step 2: Selection Number Released
June 5, 2023

Residential Life will send out selection numbers beginning June 5, 2023 by 5PM. This number will represent the order in which the student is able to choose thier room during room selection. 

Step 3: Roommate Selection
Opens June 7, 2023

Students will begin to have the opportunity to form a roommate group during this time. Roommate groups can be anywhere from 2-4 people. Note, the student in the group with the lowest selection number should be prepared to choose the room for the group during room selection. A step by step guide for this process will be provided to all students participating in this process via their FIT email.  

Step 4: Room Selection
Begins June 21, 2023

During the final step, students will choose their room and room number. More information about this process will be sent to students via their FIT email as room selection approaches!