HS Textile Development and Marketing Course Descriptions

Textiles are intrinsic to so many products, from the denim in your jeans to the cotton in your sheets to the recycled plastic in high-performance carpet. Study all facets of the textile, fashion, and home furnishings industries, and explore careers in textile marketing and merchandising and fabric development and sourcing.

HTD 195 Introduction to the World of Textiles
This course is perfect for students interested in fashion, interior design, or merchandising. Learn how fabrics are used in these areas, how they are made, and the special characteristics of each fabric. Lab demonstrations will help educate students how fabrics perform and how to make the best choices for their applications. This course is part science, part technology, and a whole lot of style!

HTD 196 Textiles from Swatch to Fashion
Explore the 21st century of textiles from swatch to fashion. This exciting hands-on course will direct fashion design, interior design, merchandisers, and product developers in the textile selection process. The course will also examine the environmental impact of textile production on our planet. Our goal is to develop products that are beautiful, commercial, and sustainable. Students will be exposed to FIT's new laboratories, which will demonstrate how and why we make decisions about fabrics. This course will enable students to understand basic textiles and application in detail.