User Interface Design Certificate

Upgrade your career and design beautiful UI systems

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This career accelerator certificate will give you the hands-on experience to prepare for a career in user interface design. Through lectures, discussions, demonstrations, critics, and workshops, students gain an in-depth understanding of the guidelines, practices, and methodologies of user interface design.

This certificate is tailored for creative professionals such as graphic designers who are looking to advance into the exciting fields of app design and web design. To enroll in this program, proficiency in design software such as Adobe Creative Suite as well as knowledge of design fundamentals such as typography and layout are required. Knowledge of UX design is recommended but not required.


  • Proficiency in design software (such as Adobe Creative Suite)
  • Knowledge of design fundamentals (such as typography and layout)
  • High-speed internet connection
  • A design-grade laptop or desktop computer that is capable of running the latest browser and streaming media
  • Built-in or external webcam and speakers

*If you think you are eligible for the 10% Alumni Discount, please complete the Alumni Verification Form prior to registration in order to receive your discount code.

multiple devices showing interface designs

Learn How To

  • Manage UI design workflow
  • Utilize a user-centric design process
  • Find and use design inspirations
  • Use fundamentals and components
  • Understand unique attributes and design considerations for each type of website and mobile app
  • Apply accessibility guidelines
  • Design for usability/learnability
  • Create and maintain a UI system style guide
  • Improve your presentation skills and portfolio

Why FIT?

  • Program is taught by top industry experts
  • The hands-on workshop provides immersive learning experience
  • Learn cutting-edge design skills that are in high demand
  • Prepare a high-quality UI design portfolio with a clear focus to help you transition into a UI design career
  • Curriculum designed by award winning faculty from FIT's Creative Technology & Design subject area
  • Earn certification from a world-renowned college

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