2018-2019 Student Award Winners

Disney on Broadway 25th Anniversary Student Contest

Sponsor: Disney on Broadway
Challenge: To celebrate 25 years of Disney on Broadway, FIT Fashion Design students were asked to create a contemporary look for ten of the company's iconic leading ladies, such as Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”, Nala and Rafiki from “The Lion King”, Aida from “AIDA”, Arielle from “The Little Mermaid”, Jane from “Tarzan”, Mary Poppins from “Mary Poppins”, Katherine from “NEWSIES”, Jasmine from “Aladdin” and Anna and Elsa from “Frozen”.
Participants: Open to 3rd, 4th and 6th semester Fashion Design students at FIT.
Outcome: Winners: Anna – Yelayny Placencia (Fashion Design BFA), Arielle – Baoqing Yu (Technical Design BS), Belle – Paige Walker (Fashion Design BFA), Elsa – Ashna Moogi (Fashion Design BFA), Jane – Marianna Gonzalez (Fashion Design BFA), Jasmine – Annette Stone (Fashion Design BFA), Kathrine – Georgianna Wells (Fashion Design BFA), Mary Poppins – Sooyoung Yun (Fashion Design BFA), Nala – Seohee Ruby Shin (Fashion Design BFA), Rafiki – Eunhye Jo (Fashion Design AAS).
Contact: Fashion Design Professor Michael Kaye ([email protected]) .
Articles: Disney on Broadway Partners with FIT in Celebration of 25th Anniversary, Photo Flash: FIT Students Reimagine Disney Fashion For Disney On Broadway 25th Anniversary Celebration, Disney on Broadway Partners With Fashion Institute of Technology for Stage-Inspired Designs, Disney on Broadway iconic leading ladies get a modern makeover for a magical design challenge, Fashion Institute of Technology to Display New Looks for Disney on Broadway's Leading Ladies, Disney on Broadway iconic leading ladies get a modern makeover for a magical design challenge originally appeared on goodmorningamerica.com

FM 422 (Merchandise Strategies Capstone Project)

Sponsor: Amazon Fashion
Challenge: Create an innovative merchandise strategy for Amazon Fashion.
Participants: Open to FIT students enrolled in the Spring 2019 FM 422 (Merchandise Strategies Capstone Project Course) .
Outcome: 1st place team: Amazon Essentials-Introducing Adaptive Clothing - Frank Barone (Fashion Business Management BS), Shannon Ceelen (Fashion Business Management BS), Valeriia Nikitina (Fashion Business Management BS), Julia Viner (Fashion Business Management BS). 2nd place team: Echo Mirror - Gabriela Berrios (Fashion Business Management BS), Molly Dunbar (Fashion Business Management BS), Joanna Mingo (Fashion Business Management BS), Natalia Pereira (Fashion Business Management BS). 3rd place team: Amazon Fashion App - Samantha Jenkins (Fashion Business Management BS), Kristina Martorano (Fashion Business Management BS), Lauren Trant (Fashion Business Management BS).
Contact: Fashion Business Management Professor Todd Blumenthal ([email protected]

TC 491 (Technical Design Senior Project)

Sponsor: Gerber Technology
Challenge: Create a strategy on how to improve the market share for a specific product or a brand by developing innovative technical design solutions for various product life cycle stages.
Participants: Open to FIT students enrolled in the Spring 2019 TC 491 Technical Design Senior Project Course.
Outcome: 1st place: Alan Romo (Technical Design BS), '19. Out of more than 60 student entries worldwide, four of the five finalists were FIT students. In addition to Alan Romo, they were: John Bell (Technical Design BS), Nicole Pearson (Technical Design BS), Taylor Byron (Technical Design BS).
Contact: Technical Design Associate Chairperson Deborah Beard ([email protected]). 

2019 Decorators Club Centennial Competition

Sponsor: The Decorators Club
Challenge: Created in 2014, Decorators Club Education Fund Residential Competition is designed to promote excellence in residential design.  Students were asked to examine the existing conditions of the Triplex apartment, to modify the floor plan if desired as well as to create an interior design scheme that responds to: the site conditions; the dramatic architectural setting; the required functions of the apartment for living, entertaining and working; and the individual tastes of the clients. 
Participants: Open to students in six New York area college interior design programs (Fashion Institute of Technology, New York Institute of Technology, New York School of Interior Design, Parsons The New School, Pratt Institute, School of Visual Arts).
Outcome: Four of the six finalists were FIT students. Residential Competition winners, each receiving a $5,000 award: Aylin Erdogan (Interior Design BFA), Erin Utzig (Interior Design BFA), Kelley Carollo (Interior Design BFA), Kim Kedem (Interior Design BFA).
Contact: Interior Design Professor Takashi Kamiya ([email protected]) or Interior Design Chairperson Carmita Sanchez-Fong ([email protected]).
Articles: 2019 Housing Design Awards, The Decorators Club 2019 Residential Design Competition Brief

The Decorators Club Education Fund, Inc. Annual Scholarship Awards 2019

Sponsor: The Decorators Club Education Fund, Inc. (DCEF)
Challenge: The Decorators Club Education Fund, Inc. (DCEF) was established in 1960 to support interior design education. This award is based on in-school work and nominations may only come from the participating schools. Each participating school may nominate two students to compete for The Decorators Club Education Fund, Inc. Annual Scholarship Awards. The two students are asked to each submit two projects for jury review. Recipients are selected based on overall excellence of design.
Participants: Open to students in six New York area college interior design programs (Fashion Institute of Technology, New York Institute of Technology, New York School of Interior Design, Parsons The New School, Pratt Institute, School of Visual Arts).
Outcome: Winners: Third prize of $5,000: Kim Kedem (Interior Design BFA) - S4 Society + S4 Restaurant; Finalist: Dalia Kramer (Interior Design BFA) - S4 Restaurant + S5 Brownstone.
Contact: Interior Design Professor Takashi Kamiya ([email protected]) or Interior Design Chairperson Carmita Sanchez-Fong ([email protected]).
Articles: 2019 Decorators Club Annual Scholarship Awards Submissions

2019 Spec Simple Hand Drawing Contest

Sponsor: SpecSimple.com
Challenge: Students were invited to send in one hand drawn, color-perspective of the built environment, no larger than 25” x 48” (original work only), plus one inspiration board with one to six samples and a short paragraph, no more than 250 words as to how the material(s) helped to inform the hand drawing.
Participants: Any student who is currently enrolled as an undergraduate design student at a participating Save A Sample! school.
Outcome: Grand Prize National Winner $1,000: Yui Tezuka (Interior Design AAS); Finalist: Ashley Pilla (Interior Design AAS).
Contact: Interior Design Professor Takashi Kamiya ([email protected]) or Interior Design Chairperson Carmita Sanchez-Fong ([email protected]).
Articles: FIT Wins Save A Sample! Student Hand Drawing Competition Grand Prize for 2nd Year in a Row

2019 Angelo Donghia Foundation Scholarship

Sponsor:  Angelo Donghia
Challenge: Scholarships are awarded on the basis of a juried competition of portfolio submissions. Each award is intended to cover the student's senior year tuition, board, maintenance, books and other requisite student materials.
Participants: Students entering their senior year in a Baccalaureate Degree Program in Interior Design at accredited universities, colleges and schools.
Outcome: Winner $30,000: Dalia Kramer (Interior Design BFA) - S4 Restaurant; Finalist: Kim Kedem (Interior Design BFA) - S4 Restaurant.
Contact:   Interior Design  Professor Takashi Kamiya ( [email protected] ) or  Interior Design  Chairperson Carmita Sanchez-Fong ([email protected]).

The Upcycle Challenge

Sponsor: Paraiso Miami Beach
Challenge: Design students are invited to create two pieces from donated dead-stock fabrics, for the opportunity to present at PARAISO, win designer mentorships and a trip to Miami.
Participants: Open to student from FIT, Miami International University of Art and Design, The Miami Fashion Institute and Parsons.
Outcome: 1st place: Hannah Myers (Fashion Design BFA, History of Art Minor, Concentration: Intimate Apparel) '20
Contact: Hannah Myers ([email protected]).
Articles: The Upcycle Challenge, Meet The Upcycle Challenge Winner, Paraiso Upcycle Challenge Presentation With L*Space, Vitamin A, Maaji, Cynthia Rowley, And Volcom, The UpCycle Project, Paraiso Upcycle Challenge, The Upcycle Challenge Finalists, Fourth-Year Swimwear Designer Wins UpCycle Challenge

2019 Macy's Flower Show

Sponsor: Macy's
Challenge: FIT students from the Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing and Fashion Design Departments were tasked with creating a "fashion/visual" experience to be incorporated into the 2019 Macy's Journey to Paradisios Flower Show---inspired by one of the following seven themes: Anti-Matter, Big Bang, Comet Couture, Interstellar Explorer, Lunar Landing, Shining Stars, and Zero Gravity.
Participants: Open to all fashion design students taking FD227 (Design Studio IV: Advanced Draping Class) and all Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing major students.
Outcome: Winners: Anti-Gravity - Paulina Rydel (Fashion Design AAS) and Alana Weisenberg (Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing BS), Big Bang - Francesco Rende (Fashion Design BFA) and Margaret O’Connell (Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing BS); Comet Couture - Mary Perrone (Fashion Design BFA) and Aniyah Smith (Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing BS); Interstellar Express - Charmaine Miranda (Fashion Design BFA) and Ruby O’reilly (Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing BS); Lunar Landing - Giovanni Bartolini (Fashion Design BFA) and Madison Donaldson (Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing BS); Shining Star - Jacqueline Minor (Fashion Design BFA) and Tara Mcguinness (Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing BS);  Zero Gravity - Isabelle-Lorenzo (Fashion Design BFA) and Noelle Harvey (Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing BS).
Contact: Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing Associate Chairperson Virginia Bonofiglio ([email protected]) or Fashion Design Professor Gerard Dellova ([email protected]).
Articles: Student Work Blossoms at the Macy’s Flower Show, Photo Coverage: MACY'S FLOWER SHOW- Journey to Paradisios Operation: Inspiration, Macy's Flower Show Journey to Paradisios, MACY'S PRESENTS JOURNEY TO PARADISIOS FLOWER SHOW, NYC, Macy’s Flower Show Journey to Paradisios Explores Space

AD 497 (Advertising Student Competition Course)

Sponsor: The One Club for Creativity
Challenge: The Young Ones Brief competition tasks students with creating work for different types of clients.
Participants: Open to national and international college students who are enrolled in an accredited undergraduate or graduate college program, or other program approved by The One Club's Education Department.
Outcome: Silver (2019 One Show Young Ones Award Budweiser / Print) - What Does it Mean to Be an American? by Scarlett Maestre (Advertising Design BFA); Bronze (2019 One Show Young Ones Award Budweiser / Experiential) - Queen of Beers by Courtney Bott (Advertising Design BFA) and Shelby Grimac (Advertising Design BFA); Merit (2019 One Show Young Ones Award Brooks Running / Integrated) - Run More Chance by Daphne Lee (Advertising Design BFA), Mandy Zou (Advertising Design BFA) and Kelly Wang (Advertising Design BFA);  Merit (2019 One Show Young Ones Award Dove Men+Care / Integrated) - The Care Package by Loisse Ledres (Advertising Design BFA), Lawrence Staebler (Advertising Design BFA) and Yewon Shin (Advertising Design BFA); Merit (2019 One Show Young Ones Award Il Makiage / Integrated) - The Book of Sin by Janina Alivio (Advertising Design BFA), Emilia Dabrowska (Advertising Design BFA), Scarlett Maestre (Advertising Design BFA), Christina Santos (Advertising Design BFA), Ivanka Urrea (Advertising Design BFA) and Ralph Vibar (Advertising Design BFA).
Contact: Communication Design Pathways Professor Joseph (Joe) Staluppi ([email protected]) or Communication Design Pathways Professor Ronald (Ron) Bacsa ([email protected]).
Articles: FIT / New York (33 Points / 6 Winning Entries)

GD 361 (Design Competition)

Sponsor: USAID’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance
Challenge: PSAid (Public Service Announcements for International Disasters) is a nationwide, annual contest that calls for Public Service Announcement (“PSA”) entries that demonstrate why monetary donations are the most effective way to support international disaster relief.
Participants: Open to U.S. citizens or legal residents, over 18 years old and living in the United States.
Outcome: 3rd Place in Digital Image Category: Green is the New Black - Dong Hyun Yi (Graphic Design BFA).
Contact: Communication Design Pathways Professor Ronald (Ron) Bacsa ([email protected]).
Articles: Green is the New Black 

FIT Constitution Day Postcard Competition

Sponsors: UCE of FIT and School of Liberal Arts
Challenge: Students are asked to design the front and back of a postcard (3X5 or 4X6 inches) that illustrates their beliefs about any part of the United States Constitution.
Participants: Open to all part-time and full-time FIT students.
Outcome: 1st place: Lorraine Ross {GD 361 – Design Competition (Graphic Design BFA)}; 2nd place: Toshihisa Moriishi {GD 361 – Design Competition - Graphic Design BFA)}.
Contact: Social Science's Professor of American History Daniel Levinson Wilk ([email protected]or Communication Design Pathways Professor Ronald (Ron) Bacsa ([email protected])

LEVI’S x Arts Thread Design Competition 2019

Sponsor: LEVI'S
Challenge: Students were invited to design some customized Levi's and imagine how the future of customization could be.
Participants: Open worldwide to Fashion and Textile students graduating between September 2019 – June 2020
Outcome: 1st place: Roderick Reyes (Fashion Design BFA, Concentration: Sportswear).
Contact: Roderick Reyes ([email protected]).
Articles: We are all Collaborators Levi's Competition, Meet 2019 Levi’s® x Arts Thread Design Competition WinnerRODERICK REYES

Gallagher & Associates Project for ED 523 (Exhibition Design for the Museum Setting)

Sponsor: Gallagher & Associates
Challenge: The objective of this project was to prepare students to conceptually design an exhibition. Working with the design firm as a patron, students ideated exhibition design concepts for a dinosaur fossil exhibit.  The exhibit subject of this project enabled students to explore and understand how exhibits are developed and physically interpreted within an exhibition environment.
Participants: All students enrolled in ED 523 (Exhibition Design for the Museum Setting).
Outcome: All projects were graded by the instructor as part of the class.
Contact: Exhibition and Experience Design Professor Brenda Cowan ([email protected])  

Procédés Chénel International Project for ED531 (Presentation Techniques)

Sponsor: Procédés Chénel International
Challenge: This was a conceptual project for an exhibit representing Procédés Chénel’s materials at Euroshop 2020. Students engaged in strategic planning and conceptual development for this exhibit design to advance brand recognition, visitor flow and create a positive and memorable experience. The concept design involved lighting, print and digital media design, including interactive opportunities for the visitor. This involved creating opportunities for visitors to have a learning experience and engage in activities that enhanced experience. Students were responsible for adhering to all of the rules and requirements of a trade show venue, developed by the instructor in collaboration with Procédés Chénel International. They also obtained a working knowledge of logistics and budget allocations within a tradeshow venue.
Participants: All students enrolled in ED531 (Presentation Techniques) course.
Outcome: All projects were graded by the instructor as part of the class.
Contact: Exhibition and Experience Design Professor Robin Drake ([email protected]).

American Museum of Natural History Project for ED 542 (Exhibition Design Graphics)

Sponsor: American Museum of Natural History
Challenge: The objective of this project was to introduce students to wayfinding and placemaking design centered around audience and visitor experience—through the proposal of an experiential graphic and circulation activation within AMNH. Based on the institution's mission, audience, and goals, students designed wayfinding and experiential graphics to introduce visitors to the AMNH Central Park West rotunda entry and stairwell which spans from the lower level to the fourth floor. Students created and presented design solutions to AMNH throughout the semester showing large scale experiential graphics animating the entry and stairwell while guiding circulation to help visitors navigate through all four levels of this grand iconic institution.
Participants: All students enrolled in ED 542 (Exhibition Design Graphics) course.
Outcome: All projects were graded by the instructor as part of the class.
Contact: Exhibition and Experience Design Associate Chairperson Christina Lyons ([email protected])

€10,000 Woolmark Performance Challenge

Sponsors: Adidas and The Woolmark Company
Challenge: The Woolmark Performance Challenge is an annual product innovation competition. It provides an opportunity to apply the unique benefits of Australian Merino wool to innovative new product applications in the sports and performance market.
Participants: Open to students from collaborating institutions regardless of their course of study.
Outcome: Semi-Finalist: Alin Intravisit (Fashion Business Management BS, International Trade & Marketing Minor, Mathematics Minor, Economics Minor).
Contact: Textile Development and Marketing Professor Preeti Arya ([email protected]) or International Trade & Marketing Chairperson Christine Pomeranz ([email protected])

“SOUL OF GLASS” - Madrid Design Festival Workshop

Sponsor: Madrid Design Festival
Challenge: The purpose of the Soul of Glass program was to teach visitors about glass, one of the most complex, delicate and magical materials in creating all types of pieces. As part of the theoretical and hands–on training, the course includes a visit to the Royal Glass Factory Museum located in La Granja de San Ildefonso, where they will receive a masterclass from a master glassmaker with over 20 years of experience.
Participants: This year, the expert committee, made up of BIAAF, has selected four participants from: the Royal Academy of Antwerp, the Shenkar School of Israel, the FIT of New York and the BIAAF of Bilbao
Outcome: FIT Finalist: Kathleen Mon (Jewelry Design AAS)
Contact: Jewelry Design Professor Wendy Yothers ([email protected])
Articles: Aristocrazy Design Bootcamp 2019, SOUL OF GLASS – TRANSPARENT MAGIC  

Craft the Leather 2019

Sponsor: Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al Vegetale (Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium)
Challenge: The project consisted of two main phases: the training workshop, in San Miniato, Italy from 5th to 11th May 2019, and the upcoming designers’ contest with workpieces made of Tuscan vegetable-tanned leather to take place in the next winter.
Participants: Ten selected students and their teachers took part in Craft The Leather 2019, representing prestigious schools from all over the world: Accademia Costume & Moda, Rome – Italy; Bunka Fashion College, Tokyo – Japan; Capel Manor College, Londra – UK; College for Creative Studies, Detroit – USA; ESDIR, La Rioja – Spain; Fashion Institute of Technology, New York – USA; Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry, Tokyo – Japan; London College of Fashion, Londra – UK; Royal Academy of Art, Antwerp – Belgium; SASK, Sint Niklass – Belgium.
Outcome: FIT Finalist: Edison Tran (Accessories Design BFA).
Contact: Accessories Design Professor Gregg Woodcock ([email protected]).
Articles: Coming soon the eighth edition of Craft The Leather 

12th annual $10,000 Supima Design Competition

Sponsor:  Supima
Challenge:  Design a capsule collection of five women’s wear looks featuring the unique characteristics of Supima cotton.
Participants : 2019 graduating seniors from Academy of Art University, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Kent State University, Parsons School of Design, Rhode Island School of Design, and Savannah College of Art and Design.
Outcome:  FIT Finalist: I shwari Vijh (Fashion Design BFA, History of Art Minor, Concentration: Sportswear) '19.
Contact:  Fashion Design Apparel Professor Tom Scott ( [email protected] ).

SDC International Design Competition

Sponsor: Society of Dyers and Colourists
Challenge: Students were tasked with submitting finished roughs, design sheets, illustrations, working drawings, mood boards, photographs, fabric indicators, material swatches, at least one board had to outline the color theme with the colour palette clearly indicated. Each submission had to be titled and supported by a typewritten statement in English explaining the background and inspiration for the work.
Participants: Open to fashion and textile design undergraduates in: Australia, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Pakistan, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, USA and the United Kingdom.
Outcome: 1st Place (US): Alex Liandro Da Silva (Fashion Design AAS).
Contact: Textile Development and Marketing Professor Sean Cormier ([email protected]). 

FM 422 (Merchandise Strategies Capstone Project)

Sponsor: Ross Stores, Inc.
Challenge: Create an innovative merchandise strategy for the Ross Stores.
Participants: Open to FIT students enrolled in the fall 2018 FM 422 (Merchandise Strategies Capstone Project Course). 
Outcome: 1st place team: Maximize the Women's Business - Annette Pramono (Fashion Business Management BS), Hannah Mix (Fashion Business Management BS), Isabella Ekeze (Fashion Business Management BS), Samantha Shaw (Fashion Business Management BS); 2nd place team: Hyperlocalization Strategy - Jin YuKang (Fashion Business Management BS), Jordan Laguio (Fashion Business Management BS), Levi Howell (Fashion Business Management BS), Sherri Chan (Fashion Business Management BS); 3rd place team: Maximize the Maternity Business - Paige Quinlivan (Fashion Business Management BS), Raegan Ruby (Fashion Business Management BS), Siti Amira Taqiyya (Fashion Business Management BS), Talita Natalie Risya (Fashion Business Management BS).
Contact: Fashion Business Management Professor Catherine Geib ([email protected]).  

HEAT-MX Thermal Insulation Student Contest

Sponsor: HEAT-MX
Challenge: Design a garment utilizing technologically advanced fabrics developed by HEAT-MX.
Participants: Open to FIT students Majoring in Fashion Design.
Outcome: 1st place: Ka Ho Kam (Fashion Design BFA); 2nd place: Stefka De Ruiter (Fashion Design BFA); 3rd place: Linnea Bleiler-Sickels (Fashion Design AAS); Honorable Mentions: Elija Turner (Fashion Design BFA), Ciarra King (Fashion Design BFA), Melissa Posner (Fashion Design BFA).
Contact: Fashion Design Professor Dobriana Gheneva ([email protected]).
Articles: FIT Students Take Up the Challenge to Design With Heat-MX, Fashion Institute Of Technology, New York, hosting HEAT-MX™ Design Contest, FIT HEAT MX Design Contest Video

Kravet Design of Distinction Challenge

Sponsor: Kravet, Inc. 
Challenge: Design a textile based on a movie, past or present.
Participants: Open to FIT students enrolled in fall 2018 TD 155 (Decorative Fabrics Course).
Outcome: 1st place: Out of Africa - Alexyss Cariglia (Textile/Surface Design AAS); 2nd place: The Great Gatsby - Abigail Adams (Textile/Surface Design AAS); 3rd place: Lawrence of Arabia - Neha Luthra (Textile/Surface Design AAS); 4th place: Grey Gardens - Tianwei Li (Textile/Surface Design AAS);  5th place: Taxi Driver - Ishika Madaan (Textile/Surface Design AAS), 6th place: Coco - Diana Reyes (Textile/Surface Design AAS).
Contact: Textile/Surface Design Professor Eric Ramirez ([email protected]).   

Scott Kay Jewelry Design Student Contest

Sponsor: Scott Kay/Frederick Goldman Inc. 
Challenge: Design a bridal jewelry set including a ring, bracelet, necklace and earrings inspired by Scott Kay’s design theme.
Participants: Open to FIT students who are second year Jewelry Design Majors.
Outcome: 1st place: Hyelin Lee (Jewelry Design AAS); 1st runners up: Tomomi Saito (Jewelry Design AAS) and Deborah Aruta (Jewelry Design AAS);  2nd runners up: Nara Lee (Jewelry Design AAS) and Rachel Dan (Jewelry Design AAS).
Contact: Jewelry Design Professor Alison Nagasue ([email protected]). 
Articles: Scott Kay and FIT Announce Winner of Jewelry Design Contest, Designer Spotlight; Scott Kay - Family & Co. Jewelers

Stark Carpet Design Industry-Sponsored Project

Sponsor: Stark Carpet Corporation
Challenge: Present three designs (two hospitality carpet designs, inclusive of axminster designs (ballroom and corridor) and one hand tufted rug design (lobby, lounge, or restaurant area rug) based on a theme.
Participants: Open to FIT students enrolled in fall 2018 TD 452 (Custom Carpet and Rug Design Course).
Outcome: 1st place: Mina Aquicky (Textile/Surface Design BFA); 2nd place - Christine Waldorf (Textile/Surface Design BFA); 3rd place - Mia Nazzaro (Textile/Surface Design BFA); Other finalists: Donna Schneiderman (Textile/Surface Design BFA), Maria Parfenov (Textile/Surface Design BFA), Miriam Ortega (Textile/Surface Design BFA), Alexandra Eckford (Textile/Surface Design BFA), Madeline Timba (Textile/Surface Design BFA).
Contact: Textile/Surface Design Professor Deborah Hernandez ([email protected]).   
Article: FIT Students Present Textile/Surface Designs for 2018 Stark Carpet Competition, FIT Stark Carpet Design Competition

Kia/Ad Age $10,000 Driving Creativity Contest

Sponsor: Kia Motors America and Ad Age Studio 30 
Challenge: Create an ad for the Kia Stinger that captures its challenger spirit and youthful drive.
Participants: Open to U.S. residents, 18+, who are enrolled in a full time or part time undergraduate or graduate educational program at an accredited college, university, or academic institution.
Outcome: 1st place: Courtney Bott (Advertising Design BFA); Finalists: Andrea Llano Tamayo (Advertising Design BFA), Alexi Cassidy (Advertising Design BFA), Tyisha Kellman (Advertising Design BFA).
Contact: Advertising and Digital Design Professor Thomas McManus ([email protected]).
Articles: Courtney Bott of FIT designed the top vote-getter in the Kia/Ad Age contest, Bayville Woman's Creativity Wins $10K In Kia Ad Contest

The Underfashion Club Student Contest

Sponsor: The Underfashion Club
Challenge: Create one original design/garment utilizing this year's theme "Body Positivity".
Participants: Open to FIT's seventh semester intimate apparel concentration Fashion Design students.
Outcome: 1st place: Sierra White (Fashion Design BFA, Concentration: Intimate Apparel); 2nd place: Dorshelle Guillaume (Fashion Design BFA, Concentration: Intimate Apparel); 3rd place: Laurel Yau (Fashion Design BFA, Concentration: Intimate Apparel); Other Finalists: Aura Henriquez Alvarez (Fashion Design BFA, Concentration: Intimate Apparel), Breanna Childers (Fashion Design BFA, Concentration: Intimate Apparel), Jessica Trusio (Fashion Design BFA, Concentration: Intimate Apparel).
Contact: Fashion Design Professor Anne Rutter ([email protected]).