Steering Committee

2020: FIT at 75 is being guided by a steering committee made up of administrators and faculty members.

Joyce F. Brown, president
Joanne Arbuckle, associate professor, Fashion Design-Apparel; acting dean, Art and Design
Irene Buchman, professor, Educational Skills; acting dean, Liberal Arts
Jeffrey Buchman, chair person, Faculty Association; professor, Advertising and Marketing Communications
Herbert Cohen, vice president, Student Affairs
Roberta Elins, associate professor and chairperson, Advertising and Marketing Communications
Nancy Grossman, director, Student Life
Reginetta Haboucha, acting associate vice president, Academic Affairs; acting dean, School of Graduate Studies
John Kahl, vice president, Institutional Advancement
Deborah Klesenski-Rispoli, assistant professor and chairperson, Photography
Loretta Lawrence Keane, vice president, Communications and External Relations
Shaya Phillips, acting vice president, Information Technology
Annette Piecora, vice president, Human Resources and Labor Relations
Shari Prussin, executive assistant to the president, Office of the President (ex-officio) 
Juliette Romano, counselor, Career Services; president, UCE of FIT
Jeffrey Slonim, general counsel and secretary of the college
Harvey Spector, vice president, Finance and Operations
Arlene Spivack, special assistant to the president, Office of the President (ex-officio)
Beverly Solochek, assistant to the president, Office of the President (ex-officio)
Joyce Szymanski, office manager, Admissions
Steven Zucker, associate professor and chair, History of Art