Institutional Initiatives

Dr. Brown has instituted a number of major college initiatives including:

Strategic Planning
From the outset of her presidency, Dr. Brown has engaged the college community in strategic planning, starting with an unprecedented multi-year, multi-million dollar initiative that coordinated strategic and investment planning. In 2006, that effort led to a new and more ambitious plan that challenged the college community to choose its own future and set out a series of five ambitious and transformative goals. In 2014, the success of that initiative led to the college's current plan: Our Legacy, Our Future, FIT Beyond 2020. Learn more about FIT's strategic plan.

Diversity is a fact of life: a powerful source of enrichment, a vital tool in a competitive marketplace, and a cause for celebration. It is a critical element in fulfilling FIT's mission to prepare students with the kind of global perspective they will need for success. Dr. Brown established the FIT Diversity Collective (formerly Diversity Council) to foster a climate of inclusion within the campus community. The Collective administers a grant program and sponsors events and activities that bring students, faculty, staff and administration together to understand the values of a diverse campus community. Learn more about the Diversity Collective.

The Sustainability Council was established by the President, to develop and foster sustainability initiatives throughout the FIT community. The Council administers a grant program and organizes an annual sustainability conference. Learn more about the Sustainability Council.