Assignment of Program: Classroom Faculty, 21.0

AOP-Course Dropping

Retrieved from 9/16/2010 Memo to All Department Chairs

Section 21.1.6 in the contract states: An adjunct faculty member who drops a course after December 15th for the Spring semester or after July 1st for the Fall semester, except for cause (personal illness, professional or personal obligations, military service, etc.), which shall be reviewed by the Chair and the Dean and approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, shall be prevented from exercising their AOP rights for one year effective the semester directly following the one during which the course was dropped. No loss of AOP hours shall occur.


In Section 21.4.2, the contract states:

The order of selection for the B AOP list shall be as follows:

  1. Part-time faculty who have 175 hours or more on the B list select one course in AOP order.
  2. Next, retirees (who were full-time at retirement) select one course. Full-time retirees must teach a minimum of one class during a calendar year to maintain their ranking on the B list, except for personal illness or other extenuating circumstances approved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs, such as the course being cancelled or the faculty member being bumped by another faculty member. Should a full-time retiree lose such order of selection, s/he will accrue AOP credits as specified in 21.4.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Office of Human Resources at extension 73650.