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Tutoring Center Tutoring Options

Individual Tutoring

Individual tutoring sessions can be scheduled starting the 2nd week of the semester. Individual sessions should be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance during the fall and spring semesters, and 24 hours in advance during winter and summer sessions. You may sign up for  two hours of individual tutoring per week. Appointments can take place in person or online.

Please read the Tutoring Contract to understand the expectations and limitations of tutoring.

Walk-in Tutoring (face-to-face or online)

You may attend walk-in sessions for certain subjects. Limited walk-ins begin the first week of the semester from
11 am/12 pm until 2 pm in A608B for Math, Fashion Business Courses, Computer help and Organization/Study Skills help.

Starting the 3rd week, the full walk-in schedule starts:   Walk-In Tutoring Sessions
To request an online session during walk-in sessions, call 212-217-4080 or
email:  [email protected]   

Scheduling Your Appointment

  1. Using Google Chrome or Firefox, go to WCONLINE.
  2. Choose the option Academic Skills Center from the "Schedules" drop down menu.
    (For writing or speaking help, choose the option Writing & Speaking Studio).
  3. Use the dropdown menu "Show All 'Limit To'  Options" to choose the course you need help with.
    Only tutors who tutor that specific course will appear below.
  4. Sign up  for a 1/2 hour to 2 hours per week.
  5. If you sign up for an online session, the tutor will send a link for the session to your FIT email address. 
    If you are meeting in person, meet in A608B unless you and the tutor have decided to meet in another
    room or lab. All in-person tutoring must take place on the FIT campus.

Joining an Online Tutoring Session

When it is time for your online session, visit the link sent to you by your tutor at least five minutes before start time. Have all books, equipment and materials set up, and prepare your questions ahead of time to make the most of your session. 


Appointments must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance or it will count as an absence. You are allowed one absence per semester.  If you need to cancel, please send an email to your tutor at their FIT email address, and to the [email protected]

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