Photo Talks

Professor Jessica Wynne, Photography   

In the Fall of 2008 Professor Wynne envisioned and created the first FIT Photography Department Lecture series: Photo Talks. Photo Talks exposed the FIT community to a wide range of perspectives on photography, not only the diversity of the mediums used by the lecturers, but the diversity of the lecturers themselves and the content of their work. The program has been a huge success with audiences ranging from 200-400 people. The program has also been a triumph in terms of the range and talent of the speakers. 

Besides the Diversity Grant, this project has also received a Student Faculty Corporation Grant. This funding enabled the creation and institutionalization of Photo Talks.

So far their speakers have included:

  • Stephen Shore
  •  Katy Grannan
  •  Nikki S Lee
  •  Lorna Simpson
  •  Roi Kuper
  •  Chris Buck
  •  Chris Verene
  •  Andrew Moore
  •  Mary Ellen Mark
  •  Alexie Hay
  •  Jason Schmidt
  •  Gillian Laub