Karen Pearson Professor and Chair, Science and Mathematics, Chair, Sustainbilty Council  Fall 2011
Kseniya Baranova Assistant Director, Alumni Relations, FIT Foundation  Fall 2022 
Ann Cantrell Associate Professor, Fashion Business Management Fall 2018
Steven Ceraso Instructor, Spatial Experience Design Fall 2020 
John Cinar Office Associate, Office of the President  Fall 2023 
Whitney Crutchfield Assistant Professor, Textile Development & Marketing Fall 2023 
Joia Dejbakhsh Student, Fashion Business Management  Spring 2024 
Andrea Diodati Assistant Professor, Fashion Design all 2022
Elias Dolton-Thornton  Student, Fashion Business Management  Spring 2024 
Mallorie Dunn Fashion Design and Center for Continuing Education Fall 2023 
Isabella FitzSimmons Secretary for Sustainability, Student Government Association Fall 2023 
Judith Gafnney Adjunct Faculty, Advertising and Marketing Communications  Fall 2021
Samantha Galanti Student, Textile Development and Marketing Spring 2023 
Helen Gaudette Assistant Dean, International Education Fall 2022 
Zaida Godoy Navarro Assistant Professor, Modern Languages and Cultures Fall 2020 
Caroline Gordon Organisciak Adjunct Professor, Fashion Business Management and School of Art and Design Fall 2023 
Salvatore Giardina Assistant Professor, Production Management Fall 2023 
Colleen Hill  Curator of Costume and Accessories, The Museum @ FIT Fall 2018
Deborah Hernandez Adjunct Assistant Professor, Textile Surface Design  Fall 2022 
Guillermo Jimenez Associate Professor, International Trade and Marketing Fall 2023 
Allen King Associate Executive Director of Facilities and Construction Management  Fall 2021
Larissa  King Assistant Professor, Fashion Design Fall 2023 
Christina Lee Adjunct Instructor, Fashion Business Management  Fall 2022
Giselle Mastrolonardo Student, Fashion Business Management Spring 2023 
Julia Nordahl  Student, Fashion Desing  Spring 2024
Grace O'Hanlon  Student, Fashion Business Management Spring 2024 
Evelyn Rynkiewicz Assistant Professor, Science and Math Fall 2018
Julian Silverman Assistant Professor, Science and Mathematics
Fall 2023 
Laura Simon Student, Fashion Business Management Spring 2023 
Jonathan Vatner Managing Editor, Hue Magazine (Ex Officio) Fall 2017
Lorenza Wong Adjunct Instructor, Textile Development and Marketing  Fall 2022 
Leydi Zapata Assistant Deputy to the President (Ex-Officio) Fall 2017
Angela Zhu Student, Communication Design  Spring 2023