Remote Course Requirements and Information

What is a remote precollege course? 

A remote course is a fully virtual experience offered through Google Classroom. Remote courses will require you to login in real-time for the lecture and classroom-style learning, and you will have access to additional resources (ie. tutorial videos, handouts etc.) when class time is over. You will be required to log on during specific class times to participate in virtual discussions, read lectures, complete assignments, and interact with the instructor and other students (attendance, participation and project completion are part of the grading process). 

Please note, students need to fully participate in the class as they would in-person. This means they keep their camera 'ON', take part in discussions and stay connected for the ENTIRE duration of the class (sessions will not be recorded). If your child needs special accommodations please let us know before the start of the class so that we could communicate this to the instructor.

Minimum Requirements for Remote Learning: 

  • a computer or device (using a phone as the primary device is not recommended as some features may not be optimized)
  • high speed internet connection (dial-up connections are not recommended, due to the nature of downloading/viewing/sharing media)
  • an up-to-date browser, such as Chrome (recommended), Firefox, or Safari
  • additional specific material or equipment requirements will be posted with your courses' description as we receive them.

Getting Ready for Remote Classes

  • Parents/guardians must complete the Information and Consent Form before a student is invited to the remote class (will be emailed).
  • Review the required supplies for each course, as some courses will need students to acquire software, equipment or tools for full participation.
  • All classes will be conducted through Google Classroom. 
  • To access the class, students will go to  Google Classroom and log in with their MyFIT credentials:
    • Username: [email protected]
    • MyFIT password
    • Select 'Join' to accept the invitation.
    • Students should review the Student Code of Conduct for Distance Learning and Strategies for Student Success Guide 

Joining Your Class

  • Each day students will log into Google Classroom and join their class(es)
  • Students will log in to the Google Classroom 5-10 minutes before start time
  • In the Stream view, students will click the meet link 
  • Keep cameras on for the duration of the class