Assignment of Credit Hours

Policy No: AA015

Policy Statement

As part of the Fashion Institute of Technology’s commitment to providing the best educational experience possible for students, the college has set clear procedures and guidelines to assign appropriate number of credit hours per course based on the criteria set forth in this policy.

FIT’s four academic schools operate under a semester credit hour system. FIT’s Assignment of Credit Hour Policy codifies practice across FIT’s schools regarding course credit hours and out-of-class student work in accordance with federal, state, and accreditation guidelines.

Who is Affected by this Policy

  • Faculty
  • Department Chairpersons
  • Academic School Deans
  • College-Wide Curriculum Committee
  • Office of the Registrar
  • Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
  • Office of Academic Affairs

Policy Information

  • Responsible Administrator(s):  Vice President for Academic Affairs and Director of Records and Registration
  • Responsible Office(s):  Academic Affairs and Office of the Registrar
  • Implementation History:  Issued July 2016; Reviewed October 2022
  • Contact(s): Office of Academic Affairs and Office of the Registrar

View Official Policy

AA015, Assignment of Credit Hours (.pdf)
*This PDF document is the official version of this policy.