Campus Recycling

Things that can be recycled in BLUE BINS (plastic, glass, and metal):
  • cans (empty aerosol cans, dried out paint cans, etc.)
  • aluminum foil wrap and trays (clean); anything with a lot of food waste goes in the garbage
  • household metal (wire hangers, pots, tools, knives)
  • glass bottles and jars
  • plastic bottles and jugs
  • milk cartons and drink boxes (rinsed)

Do NOT put in BLUE BINS:

  • deli containers and yogurt containers, silverware, cups, straws, plastic wrap, coffee cup tops etc. (if it's not a bottle or jug, DON'T put it in the recycling bin)
  • mirrors
  • light bulbs
  • styrofoam (cups, food trays, etc.)
  • batteries
  • plastic bags

Things that can be recycled in GREEN BINS (paper and cardboard):

  • white, colored, and glossy paper (staples are OK)
  • mail and envelopes (window envelopes are OK)
  • wrapping paper (remove ribbon and tape)
  • smooth cardboard (clean food boxes, shoe boxes, tubes from paper towel and toilet paper rolls, cardboard from product packaging)
  • paper bags
  • clean cardboard trays
  • newspapers, magazines, and catalogs
  • phone books, soft cover books (paperbacks, comic books, etc.; no spiral bindings)
  • corrugated cardboard (flattened boxes)


  • hardcover books
  • napkins, paper towels, or tissues