If you are a high school student
You should apply to the two-year Associate in Applied Science (AAS) program. High school students may not apply directly to the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program. On completing the AAS, many students choose to apply to the two-year BFA program. Applicants to the AAS program are expected to submit a competitive portfolio.

If you have an AAS in Interior Design from FIT
You may apply to the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program. Depending on your GPA and grades in Interior Design studio courses, you may be required to submit a portfolio.

If you have credits or a degree from another college
You may apply to the two-year Interior Design BFA program as a transfer student if you meet one of the following criteria by the time you enroll at FIT:

  • you will have an associates or bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college and CIDA-accredited program that is equivalent to the FIT Interior Design AAS program, or
  • you will have earned at least 60 credits toward a bachelor's degree in an equivalent CIDA-accredited program at a regionally accredited college.

A college program is equivalent if it contains the same major area and liberal arts distribution as the FIT Interior Design AAS program and is accredited by CIDA. Applicants from college programs that are not equivalent must apply to the AAS program.

Please note that FIT AAS students receive priority admissions consideration.

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