Learning Outcomes

Program learning outcomes are statements by faculty members that describe the most important things students will know and be able to do when they graduate from a program.

Master of Fine Arts Degree

  1. Research: Students will establish personal research methods and critical thinking skills to be able to hypothesize innovative design concepts and theories in relation to their own fashion practice.
  2. Translation: Students will be able to translate personal inspirations into usable fashion design elements, through experimentation, play and prototyping, editing ideas and refining to focus and develop the most directional design solutions.
  3. Making: Students will innovate in design, fit, cut, construction, silhouette and materiality to design and produce new fashion that signify their own ideas, concepts and theories.
  4. Presentation: Students will be able to present their work with confidence by building imaginative image based conclusions to each of the assignments given.
  5. Sustainability: Students will be able to analyze and evaluate fashion in terms of social, environmental, and cultural impact of every step of the fashion process, from inspiration through to making, proposing ethical alternatives to standardized practice.
  6. Reflection: Students will be able to reflect abstractly and with critical distance, on their own work and personal design processes, to gain new perspectives on their own ideas, concepts and philosophies.
  7. Collaborate: Students will be able to successfully and professionally communicate and collaborate with relevant industry partners and cross-disciplinary mentors.
  8. Technology: Students will be able to evaluate and integrate traditional craft techniques and current technology driven processes as well as consider how their own work will impact future generations.
  9. Originality: Students will be able to create work of notable originality and demonstrate a distinct aptitude for exploration and invention for a personally designed future market.
  10. Business: Students will be able to explain how their work is relevant within the context of fashion business through the understanding of brand identity, supply chain, operational structures and legal issues.