Medical Emergency

Faculty and Staff

Notify immediate supervisor as quickly as possible about any on-the-job injury or illness. If it is not an emergency, notify supervisor BEFORE the employee seeks medical treatment.

After the emergency has ended, file an Accident Form (.pdf) for any workplace injuries or illnesses. 

If another person's blood or other bodily fluid contacts your eye, mouth, mucus membrane or non-intact skin:

1. Immediately rinse skin or eye(s) with water for 15 minutes as applicable. Wash affected skin with soap and water (use nonabrasive, antibacterial soap where available).
2. Notify your supervisor.
3. Obtain medical help by calling Campus Security at (212) 217-7777.
4. Notify Director of Environmental Health and Safety Compliance or supervisor.

Faculty, Staff, and Students

If any situation appears to be a medical emergency, contact Campus Security at (212) 217-7777 to get help immediately.

If you are experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency, seek emergency medical treatment by calling Campus Security at (212) 217-7777.

Be prepared to provide location, nature of injury, cause of injury or illness and any hazards that may be present.