2022: Beauty After COVID

2022 Capstone Research Presentation
Beauty After COVID: Renaissance or Reformation


Assignment Brief: Beauty After COVID

This year’s Capstone research focused on guiding organizations on how to best adapt to the corporate and consumer shifts within the beauty industry, and beyond, to ensure future success. The Class of 2022 delved into research on two critical topics: (1) the reformation of internal beauty organizations and (2) the renaissance of communication with the new beauty consumer and what it means for the industry moving forward. The 2022 Capstone Research Presentation was sponsored by Cosmoprof North America.

The Beauty Reformation

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the re-evaluation of priorities, requiring organizations to thrive in this new environment, they will need to look beyond only satisfying consumers and investors, and unlock an organization's full potential by executing more dynamic strategies and optimizing in these additional areas: resources, culture, leadership, and environment. Historically, the Reformation period was an intellectual up-rush, which questioned the motives of authority. It is also recognized as helping society to break free from structure, sparking more freedom, more criticism, and newfound confidence. Today, the students of the CFMM Master’s program are drawing similar parallels, in the midst of a modern Reformation – which, if not addressed by organizations, threatens the future of industry around the globe.  

» The Beauty Reformation Infographic (.pdf)
» The Beauty Reformation White Paper (.pdf)

The Beauty Renaissance

Just as the Renaissance period was born out of a period of darkness, in 2022, our more advanced society will experience a similar period of advancement with respect to commerce, economics, politics, science, and the arts. Powered by the convergence of beauty, health, and wellness, the industry is in the midst of experiencing a similar renaissance. And with today’s consumers living in a multi-channel, multi-device, and multi-platform world, consumers are constantly exposed to new products, brands, and information, and as a result, their expectations have become more complex with a need for holistic solutions rather than just products.

» The Beauty Renaissance Infographic (.pdf)
» The Beauty Renaissance White Paper (.pdf)

Research Partner and Sponsor

Cosmoprof North America 

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