By obtaining a Fashion Institute of Technology FIT Card or opening a FIT Card debit account you agree to be legally bound by all terms and conditions in this and other related FIT agreements. FIT agrees to give you a card and establish, accept, and maintain an account for your benefit and exclusively for the purpose described herein.

1. Eligibility
Your FIT Card is your campus official multi-use card. FIT issues several categories of ID cards to identify students, staff, faculty, visitors, and students from affiliated programs. An FIT Card is provided to all registered full-time and part-time students, faculty, and staff at no charge. A $20 Fee is charged to vendors, contractors, alumni, and other categories. Only one FIT Card may be issued, even if youhold dual status such as staff/student.

2. How to Obtain an FIT Card
Once you complete your student registration or human resources hiring process an FIT ID number will be issued to you. That number will be your FIT Card key and will be sent, along with other associated demographic information, to the FIT Card system. Students will have a photo taken and a card issued either at orientation or by going to the Security Department Office. Faculty, staff, and all others needing an FIT Card should go directly to the Security Department Office.

3. Use

  • ID: At all times your FIT Card must be presented to security officers to enter campus facilities and events.
  • Door Access: An FIT Card is required for access to Kaufman Hall, some academic and administrative offices, after-hours labs and classrooms, and other restricted areas. The magnetic stripe on the back of your FIT Card will be encoded to grant you access to certain areas. If your card fails please contact security.
  • Debit: Your FIT Card can be used to purchase services, such as printing and dining.
4. Fraudulent Use
Anyone deliberating using an FIT Card to gain a wrongful advantage will face the following actions:

  • immediate suspension of card privileges
  • revocation of the ability to purchase items or services
  • reimbursement to FIT of any lost funds or value of equipment
  • formal disciplinary action