How to Apply for EOP

Complete the FAFSA 

Schools use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine how much financial aid you're eligible to receive. You should complete the FAFSA to determine eligibility for EOP.

It is strongly recommended that you first complete the segment called "FAFSA on the Web Worksheet" before completing and submitting the official FAFSA. This can help you prevent mistakes on your official FAFSA that could delay the processing of your application. 

Access the FAFSA Form

The Department of Education has been making final adjustments to the FAFSA process. Review updates on FIT's Financial Aid Services site:

2024-2025 FAFSA Updates

FIT FAFSA Code: 002866 

Deadlines to submit your FAFSA are:

  • February 1—for those applying for fall admission
  • November 1—for those applying for spring admission

If you don't meet the appropriate deadline, you may receive only partial aid and still owe money on your bill—or you may not receive aid at all.

Provide Documentation of Income

You must provide documentation of income within 15 days of request.

Dependent Students

  • If your parent or guardian was employed in the previous calendar year, they must submit their federal income tax return to Financial Aid Services, located in Dubinsky Center, Room A212A.
  • If your parent or guardian did not or will not file a federal income tax return, an Income Statement Form must be completed and submitted to Financial Aid Services. Contact Financial Aid Services at or (212) 217-3560 to obtain the form.

Dependent and Independent Students

  • If you were employed in the previous calendar year, you must submit your federal income tax return.
  • If you were not employed, you must submit the Income Statement Form. Contact Financial Aid Services at or (212) 217-3560 to obtain the form.

There are federal guidelines to determine your status. See: Dependency Status

Submit Additional Financial Documentation

Financial Aid Services may request additional financial documentation. If so, you should submit the requested information within 15 days.