Women and Technology: Symposium and Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

Submitted by: Helen Lane, Emerging Technologies Librarian, Gladys Marcus Library; Stephenie Futch, User Support Assistant III, Technology Development Team

The project organizers designed a two-part event to address the under-representation of young women in the “contemporary digital space.” 

The first part of the project, the symposium, will be held during Women’s History Month and will feature two 90-minute discussion panels with speakers presenting successful digital projects and teaching hands-on approaches used to bring digital projects to life. 

The second part of the project, the Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon, takes place on International Women’s Day (March 8). Lane and Futch write that the Edit-a-Thon “will serve as a communal forum for students to follow-up on the symposium discussions with a hands-on activity that affirms their ability to engage with technology and become part of the conversation in an empowering and positive way.”