Fashion History, Theory, and Culture

An interdisciplinary minor from the departments of History of Art and Social Sciences, the Fashion History, Theory, and Culture minor explores the meanings of fashion and its functions in society.

Minor Co-Coordinator:  Lourdes Font
Minor Co-Coordinator:  Justine De Young 


Curriculum requirements can be found in the undergraduate catalog, along with course descriptions and prerequisite information.

» Curriculum Requirements for the Fashion History, Theory, and Culture Minor

Current curriculum requirements are intended for students declared after Fall 2022. If you have already declared your minor, please speak to your academic advisor for assistance.

New Courses Added to Minor

FI 212 – Drag and Cross-Dressing in Cinema
HA 118 – Introduction to Fashion History: Materials, Motifs, and Meanings
HA 239 – The History of African Textiles and Fashion
HA 322 – Contemporary Global Fashion History
MC 213 – Italian Style: Fashion in Italian Culture
SS 309 – Tattoos and Body Modification