Student Work

2021 Graduating Student Exhibition

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Student Work

  • The Official Beer of Needing a Beer- Coors Light social
  • A Position for Everyone- Durex print/2d
  • Misfits Market- Excentrique social image carousel part 2
  • Wisdom Panel print/2d Senior Project
  • Misfits Market- Excentrique social image carousel part 1
  • Honestly Beautiful- Yves Saint Laurent billboard
  • YMCA UX/UI desktop and mobile redesign, rebranding
  • Wikipedia redesign (with E. Xia & V.Jeon)
  • First Author of Published Paper, Meals for Monsters
  • Ed. social learning platform from AT&T
  • Casper digital campaign (with Y. Kosheeva)
  • The Marshall Project 2d poster
  • UNconventionaladventure
  • Fotografiska Worldwide App
  • Paster House graphic design museum App
  • #Onthego by the JDRF poster/2d
  • NJ Transit UX/UI rebranding
  • Barclays Life App
  • Supreme Flaws, print/2d campaign
  • Runway of Dreams poster/2d
  • Spotify Zones (with Margaret Panoti)
  • American Hiking Society (AHS) redesign (with Tateana Khokhar)
  • LU Biscuits social campaign (with A.Azam)
  • Durex Talks Consent interactive campaign
  • UNwantedexgirlfriend
  • Casperzzz social/creative content campaign
  • All Girls Allowed- Girls Who Code app, hackathon
  • Cartoon Network poster/2d (with A.Azam)
  • H&M Celebrate Women's History Month (video screenshot)
  • Mejorr publications
  • Sanity & Self app redesign
  • Coeio outdoor billboard
  • The Faraway by audible (video screenshot)
  • Chief social post
  • DuckDuckGo game
  • Supreme Fight, print/2d campaign
  • Grey Poupon case study (video screenshot)
  • "Tell Your Tale" Campaign- Map of the Isle of Skye
  • LU Biscuits social video screenshot (with K.Lin)
  • NY Forward social media (video screenshot)
  • Grey Poupon rebranding (with C.Sendar, B. Leitner)
  • Piccolina podcast "When Parenting Becomes Personal"
  • The Marshall Project social post
  • Steam App redesign
  • Queens Botanical Garden App
  • Barclays Life App
  • Coors Light #ineedabeer social campaign
  • JetBlue UX/UI redesign
  • NextShark Asian culture awareness poster/2d
  • "Run Cowboy Run" animation screenshot
  • American Indian Movement print/2d Senior Project
  • Guyaki Yerba Mate social post
  • Power Your Player out-of-home campaign
  • Supreme Life, print/2d campaign
  • Mental Notes App
  • Polestar- In Transparency We Trust social post
  • Wired, The Glitched Text print
  • Lovebar microsite
  • Disney+ "Make Your Ever After" poster/2d
  • Sponsored Instagram post for the Oura smart ring
  • Major League Baseball - MLBxFIT Design Challenge
  • Barclays Money Buddy App/Game (video screenshot)
  • UNscheduledzoomcall
  • Destructoid site redesign
  • Connect 4 Climate- Power Your Player (video screenshot)
  • ACLU print/2d
  • Levi's "Repurposed" Manifesto
  • Horrors of Dyslexia
  • The Players' Tribune "I am more"
  • The Players' Tribune "I am more"
  • The Players' Tribune "I am more"
  • Sharpen your Claws
  • Baddest of them All
  • Let us Prey
  • Vans Test Lab - Social Media Ads
  • Vans Test Lab - OOH
  • Strive for Imperfection - OOH
  • BBC Mt. Media
Print Campaign
  • Vans Test Lab
Digital Design
  • The Talk Before The Walk
Print Campaign
  • #GSStyle
Digital Design
  • VPNHUB, your secretary
Print Ad
  • VPNHUB, your secretary
Print Ad
  • VPNHUB, your secretary
Print Ad
  • Endangered Economics - Rhino
Integrated Campaign - Social
  • Endangered Economics - Elephant
Integrated Campaign - Social
  • OxiClean. Mess Now. Clean Later. 
Posters in an integrated campaign
  • White Castle. Drunk Mode.
Mobile-first Campaign
  • Budweiser. Weiser Moments 
Integrated Campaign
  • Vans Test Lab
Experiential Campaign
  • The Drugless Drug
Advertising Campaign
  • Hu Kitchen - Get Back to Human
  • Save TP
  • BBC Mt. Media