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FIT shares contests and projects that are open to the general public or to the general collegiate population only as a convenience and for informational purposes. FIT does not sponsor, organize, or endorse these contests or projects in any way, and FIT is not responsible for the accuracy, legality, content, or terms of any such contest or project. FIT encourages interested persons to carefully review the terms and conditions of any contest or project before participating and to contact the contest or project sponsor for questions or concerns.   

Pure Talents Contest 2024 

Pure Talents Contest 2024 Poster Details:  The Pure Talents Contest, organised by imm cologne, one of the largest tradeshows for interior design worldwide, is one of the most prestigious awards for young product designers.

Submission Deadline: October 16 , 2023

Winners Selected: December  2023

Competition Guidelines: The evaluation criteria: The Circular Design Rules will play an important role in how the entries are evaluated. The submissions will be judged primarily according to the following criteria: Overall concept
Independent nature of the design/originality, Quality of the concept and vision, Functionality/quality in use, Quality of the design and its presentation, The submission’s sustainability and circularity potential, for example in terms of:
Materials (renewable or recycled materials, reusable or degradable materials, minimal materials), Components (separability, modularity, reuse of existing components), Systems (product-service systems, design concepts, services supporting the whole life cycle)

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About imm cologne: imm cologne is the most important furnishing show in the world's furnishing market. The huge depth and breadth of what's on show is combined with high standards of product presentation. imm cologne also provides an effective platform for up-and-coming designers. The days on which the fair is open to the general public gives exhibitors ample opportunity to conduct product and market tests and allow consumers to gather information and ideas for future purchases. 


#CreateCOP28 Competition Poster Details:  CreateCOP28 invites creatives of all nationalities, races, genders and faiths, aged 14-30 to submit work that generates conversations around the urgent need for climate action and raises awareness of the issues that must be considered at COP28, the United Nations’ annual climate summit.

Submission Deadline: October 16 , 2023

Winners Selected: November 1,  2023

Competition Guidelines: #CreateCOP28 is an open call for artwork that responds to the climate emergency. The competition is open to anyone between the ages of 14-30. Applicants can apply with any medium, including – but not limited to – photography projects, docu-style and experimental film, performance art, spoken word, dance, musical compositions, fashion design, new media and social media projects. Your #CreateCOP28 submission should be your own personal interpretation of the climate crisis, however participants might explore themes such as: climate justice, corporate greenwashing, material innovation, wildlife and ecosystem conservation, grassroots activism, intersectional environmentalism, regeneration, the physical and mental impacts of the climate crisis, and nature-based wisdom. Winner's Prize Eight finalists will be awarded cash prizes of $10k, $5k or $2k. A selection of finalists will also have the chance to have their work showcased at an exhibition hosted at the United Nations head office in New York in December.

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About Art Partner: Art Partner is a creative agency at the center of fashion, luxury and technology.  Since its founding, Art Partner has significantly helped shape the fashion industry at an impressive scale, consistently spearheading some of the most important and successful campaigns and editorials over the last 30 years. 

BOBS from Skechers Paws for a Cause Design Scholarship

BOBS from Skechers Paws for a Cause Design Scholarship Poster Details:  BOBS from Skechers is looking for two college students who want to use their creative talents to give back to these animals in need! Imagine your dog or cat print on a BOBS from Skechers shoe sold in the United States that’s helping save the lives of shelter animals…it could be you!

Submission Deadline: November 1 , 2023

Winners Selected: December  2023

Competition Guidelines: Your Submission should include the following: a) a cat design or a dog design using a template for a specific style or create a mosaic pattern that can be applied to any style.  Note: Design must be submitted as an .ai or .pdf file of the entrant’s own work, and designs incorporating or wholly created by Artificial Intelligence, as defined below, will not be accepted; b) a brief written description of your design, including whether it is a cat design or a dog design; c) a response to the following three questions: 1. Is your design inspired by a shelter pet or animal you know? 2. Have you ever volunteered at an animal organization or shelter? 3. Have you or your family ever rescued/fostered/adopted an animal? d) a paragraph or short video on either:What your rescued/adopted pet has meant to you or its owner; or Why the BOBS mission resonates with or is important to you; and e) the name of your college and advisor/department head.

Enter the BOBS from Skechers Paws for a Cause Design Scholarship

About Skechers: BOBS from Skechers’ charitable collection of shoes, apparel and accessories have improved animals’ lives: over the past eight years. Skechers has contributed more than $10 million to help 1.9 million shelter pets, including saving more than 1.4 million rescued animals in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Japan.

IFFTI 2024 Ewha Fashion Film Awards

IFFTI 2024 Ewha Fashion Film Awards Poster Details: The theme of the IFFTI 2024 Fashion Film Awards is “Fashion Towards Post-Humanism”. Post-Humanism is being proposed as a new sensitivity that we, living in the Anthropocene, should have. In “The Posthuman Condition”, Robert Pepperell emphasized that the period of social development defined by humanism is over, and we have entered the era of ‘post-humanism’. The entry into the new era is accompanied by a demand to redefine the meaning of ‘human-being’ as we cannot think of human-beings in the same way as in the past/present.

Submission Deadline: December 1 , 2023

Winners Selected: January 22,  2024

Competition Guidelines: Brief of Fashion Film 1. The fashion film is defined as a that has a running time of 3 minutes or less, including all credits. 2. The fashion film must be produced after 2022, and must not be presented or exhibited previously anywhere. 3. The fashion film SHOULD NOT violate any current law nor they infringe any privacy and/or intellectual property rights (this includes any sounds or sound effects that do not include a license). 4. The English subtitles are required for non-English based films. 5. The Fashion Film Categories: Direct Shooting, 2D animation, 3D animation, AI-generated. 6. The Required Fashion Film Resolutions: 3 Full HD (1920 x 1080), 2K (2048 x1080), 4k (4096 x 2160). 7. The format of you fashion film must be H.264/MP4.

Enter the IFFTI 2024 Ewha Fashion Film Awards by emailing: [email protected]

About IFFTI: International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI) was registered as a Society on 14th October 1999 at New Delhi, India. Since then IFFTI has grown into the most comprehensive and prestigious international organization representing leading fashion higher education institutions in areas of design, technology, and business. The foundation presently comprises 55 institutions from 22 countries. 

The Eden Travel International Design Internship Award

The Eden Travel International Design Internship Award Poster Details:  The Eden Travel International Design Internship Award is a unique platform designed to nurture and empower the next generation of fashion leaders who are dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the environment and society. This internship will provide hands-on experience and exposure to every facet of sustainable fashion – from conceptualization and design to production and marketing.

Submission Deadline: January 31  , 2023

Winners Selected: December  2023

Competition Guidelines: Interrogate an area within the fashion industry that you propose a redesign to become part of a regenerative system. You will create 5 (max 10) portfolio pages and present your concept including the following: ● Title of your project ● Problem - pages to define the problem you are trying to solve. ● Research - pages to include imagery and annotations of your design (primary and secondary research) ● Development - pages to show the development of your design, iteration sketches and show your thought process behind your idea. ● Design - pages to demonstrate your design outcome this can be sketches, rendering, illustrations or photographed prototypes, ensure you include a description and details of your design solution. Remember to include any interesting findings or discoveries that you encountered, and explain any pitfalls or potential unintended consequences with the new product, system, or service. This brief is intended to push your approach to problem-solving and start to encourage you to think innovatively about designing within boundaries. Think about every stage of the design process from growing a fibre, harvesting, spinning, dyeing, weaving, knitting, finishing, assembly, and transport, to post-consumer waste. What ‘leakages’ can you identify and begin to resolve? How will you innovatively find a solution?

Enter the Eden Travel International Design Internship Awards by emailing: [email protected]

About Eden Travel International: Eden Travel International are specialists in providing customized, industry-focused academic study tours across Europe, Asia and Australasia. Each tour includes a mix of cultural experiences and site visits. The site visits are organized appointments with local and international companies and industry experts, and are a crucial part of enriching the students understanding of their chosen discipline within a global framework.

American Hat Makers Design Your Signature Hat Contest

American Hatmakers Design Your Signature Hat Contest Poster Details: Calling all aspiring fashion designers and students in the clothing/garment industry! Showcase your creativity and design skills in an exciting hat design contest. Unleash your imagination and create a unique hat that defines your signature style. Whether it's a trendy fedora, a chic beret, or an edgy snapback, the choice is yours!

Submission Deadline: March 29 , 2024

Winners Selected: April 5, 2024

Competition Guidelines: Participants must be currently studying (in the USA, Canada, UK, or any location worldwide) fashion design or pursuing education related to the clothing/garment industry. Design a hat of your choice using any medium: sketch, digital graphics, or a combination of both. Any hat style can inspire your design, be it a classic cowboy hat, a fashionable straw hat, or a trendy cap for men or women. Contest Criteria - 1. Creativity: How unique and original is your hat design? Does it stand out from the crowd? 2. Aesthetic Appeal: Is your design visually pleasing? Does it demonstrate an understanding of fashion and style? 3. Craftsmanship: How well-executed is your design? Are the details and proportions well-defined? 4. Relevance: Does your hat design align with current fashion trends and target a specific audience?

Enter the American Hat Makers Design Your Signature Hat Contest by emailing: [email protected] with the subject line "Hat Design Contest - [Your Name]."

About American Cap Creators: American Cap Creators, an eminent organization in the cap business, has been handcrafting extraordinary caps for over 50 years. Established by Gary Watrous, the organization's unassuming starting points follow back to the 1970s when Gary began selling carefully assembled calfskin products from the storage compartment of his Chevy station cart. Today, American Cap Creators has become one of the biggest cap makers around the world.