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FIT shares contests and projects that are open to the general public or to the general collegiate population only as a convenience and for informational purposes. FIT does not sponsor, organize, or endorse these contests or projects in any way, and FIT is not responsible for the accuracy, legality, content, or terms of any such contest or project. FIT encourages interested persons to carefully review the terms and conditions of any contest or project before participating and to contact the contest or project sponsor for questions or concerns.   

Global Citizen Young Artists Collective Program

Global Citizen Young Artists Collective Program Poster Details: Through this new program, called Young Activist Collective, Global Citizen aims to partner with public universities and art students to develop a series of art projects that engage with the theme of climate change. If selected to participate in the program, the students and their work will be showcased on our online platforms. Additionally, a few students’ works will be featured at the annual gathering of leaders, artists, and change-makers: Global Citizen NOW and students will get the opportunity to attend this event, where they’ll be able to encourage others to join them in taking action for a better world!

Registration Deadline: February 14 , 2023

Participants Selected: February 17 , 2023

Competition Guidelines: Interested students can submit via email a few examples of their work to: [email protected] Students should include any pieces that show their style and the medium they enjoy working with. After evaluating the portfolios, Global Citizen will select a number of students to participate in the program. 

Enter the Global Citizen Young Artists Collective Program by emailing: [email protected]

About Global Citizen: Global Citizen is an advocacy organization that works with governments, philanthropists, and corporations to make far-reaching policy changes and encourage funding decisions that address the root causes of extreme poverty. Our community of Global Citizens is given opportunities to create a positive global impact by taking action and using their voices to advocate for the world’s most marginalized populations. 

Who Can Design the Perfect T-Shirt Competition

Who Can Design the Perfect T-Shirt Design Competition Details: ARI JOGIEL together with industry partners, is launching a design competition in search of the Perfect T-Shirt design. They're looking for designs that go beyond the seams, innovating everyone’s favorite wardrobe staple. The Contest winner will be awarded a $10,000 (worth of ARI JOGIEL Services) to launch their brand.

Submission Deadline: February 16 , 2023

Winners Selected: February 24,  2023

Competition Guidelines: To enter you must be 18 years of age and reside in the United States. Once registered, click the FREE TRIAL button on this page to download your free 30-day trial of CLO fashion design software. Create your Perfect T-Shirt in CLO!Create a free account on CLO-SET CONNECT where you’ll submit your finished designs (submission portal opens 02/01/23). Be sure to add your email to your profile so you can contacted you if you are selected as a finalist. Final submissions must be a Garment (.zpac) CLO design file with ONE rendered image for your thumbnail. The image should only display the T-Shirt, no avatar -- submissions with avatars will be disqualified.

Enter the Who Can Design the Perfect T-Shirt Competition

About ARI JOGIEL : Launched in 2016, ARI JOGIEL is a brand development and manufacturing company born of Founder, Ari Jogiel’s dream of supporting and creating opportunity in America’s production industry as well as providing the ultimate end-to-end resource for aspiring creators. With a vertically integrated operation, ARI JOGIEL streamlines every step of the production process; developing, designing, sourcing, and producing a wide range of products on any scale - taking any idea and making it a reality in a matter of days. Restoring focus on the value of American manufacturing, Jogiel proudly maintains all operations within Los Angeles, employing the slogan “Made In Freaking Los Angeles” since the company’s inception.

2023 World of WearableArt Competition

2023 WearableArt Awards Competition Poster Details: For over thirty years, the World of WearableArt Awards Competition has invited designers from around the world and from all backgrounds to create the unimaginable, to challenge the conventional and defy creative expectations as they make works of art that will be brought to life at the WOW Awards Show. The Competition is a unique platform to share and showcase your creativity with the world.

Submission Deadline: March 2 , 2023

Winners Selected: September 22,  2023

Competition Guidelines: The World of WearableArt Awards Competition is open to anyone over the age of 18, from anywhere around the world. Designers enter from the worlds of fashion, textile or industrial design, jewellery, architecture, engineering, sculpture and painting or homemaking. We see designers realising creative ideas that they’ve had for a long time, sometimes years, and others use the section themes to spark a new vision. Anything that is wearable art can find a place on the stage, as long as it is original, innovative and well executed.

Enter the 2023 World of WearableArt Competition

About WOW: For over 30 years, World of WearableArt (WOW) has been embracing the worlds of art, design and fashion and bringing them together into a theatrical performance performed to an audience of over 60,000 every year. WOW has grown into an internationally renowned design competition that attracts entries from more than 40 countries - attracting some of the most creative people from around the world, working at the cutting edge of fashion, art, design, costume and theatre. Every September and October, the World of WearableArt showcases the finalist garments in the Competition in the WOW Awards Show, which takes over New Zealand's vibrant capital city of Wellington in an explosion of creativity and fun.

Designing a Sustainable Future Design Contest

Designing a Sustainable Future Design Contest Poster Details: In response to the concerns of global warming, ADP wishes to address this issue by portraying how good designs can impact and support us in protecting our environment. This contest is an opportunity for students to come together and showcase their artistic and design skills to a broader audience. As an international organization, ADP recognises the importance of emerging artists and designers in the design field and is opening this competition to students from around the world.

Submission Deadline: March 3 , 2023

Winners Selected: April 3,  2023

Competition Guidelines: The competition is open to students of Graphic/ Visual/ Animation/ Industrial/ Interior/ Fashion Design, and anyone interested in the field of environmental protection. Participants can join the competition individually or with a team.

Enter the Designing a Sustainable Future Design Contest

About ADP: Asia Designers Communication Platform (ADP) is an international organization dedicated to addressing the needs of the design community and promoting design as a whole. Founded in 2015, it is the first cross-spectrum design association in Asia. Since its inception, it has assisted dozens of famous regional designers in stepping into the international market. 

Redress Design Award 2023

Redress Design Award 2023 Poster Details: You are challenged to design a contemporary collection for a modern, fashion-forward adult who is concerned about the environment and actively seeks comfort and style whether in the city or exploring the big outdoors. Your collection will rescue textile waste, re-using these through upcycling while reimagining fashion, which will likely influence your creativity and processes.

Submission Deadline: March 16,  2023

Winners Selected: July  2023

Competition Guidelines: You can apply if you meet all of the following criteria: aged 18 years or over as of application closing date of 16 March 2023, hold a valid ID/passport/visa/residence permit in your country of residence, have less than four years’ professional fashion design experience* at the time of application, have a reasonable level of English to be able to take part in activities conducted in English*, are applying as an individual (group applications are not permitted).

Enter the Redress Design Award 2023

About Redress Design Award: The Redress Design Award (formerly the EcoChic Design Award) is the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition. Organised by Redress, the competition works to educate emerging fashion designers around the world about sustainable design theories and techniques in order to drive growth towards a circular fashion system. By putting sustainable design talent in the global spotlight, the competition creates a unique platform for passionate and talented fashion game-changers to transform the global fashion industry and rewards the best with career-changing prizes to maximise long-term impact.


THE ARTS OF FASHION FOUNDATION COMPETITION 2023 Poster Details: This unique competition is dedicated solely to celebrate emerging designers and their creativity and originality. The theme 2023 is - INFLEXION - and this word could cover what we are experiencing, within this new crisis hurting Europe - its echo and its rippling effect and repercussions through the world. We will use this new challenge to rethink, redefine, and redraw our way of life, the way we interact with others and therefore the way we dress. However it can also indicate other forms of Inflexion from your creative mind or imagination, physical as well as figurative.

Submission Deadline: April  1,  2023

Winners Selected: December 15,  2023

Competition Guidelines: The competition is open to students studying Fashion, Art and Design anywhere in the world during the academic year 2022-2023. Participants will not only represent themselves, but also their Schools, Colleges or Universities, as well as their Countries. Candidates must be current students and cannot be professionally employed in the fashion industry at the time of the submission of their project. Candidates must design their own original projects completely by themselves. Candidates must follow the design and specifications outlined in their application for realization of their final project. Registration must be submitted on an individual basis and in the chosen categories. Online registration, applications, and final projects received after the deadlines will not be accepted. Registration fees are non refundable. Projects selected in the International Final of December 2023 cannot be presented in another competition during the year 2023.


About The Arts of Fashion Foundation: Since 2001 – The Arts of Fashion Foundation is a San Francisco-based 501(c) 3, public, non-profit organization, linking both academics and professionals alike and is dedicated in fostering international cultural exchange through the creation of a variety of educational programs meant to facilitate critical thinking and advance the field of fashion among artists, designers, scholars and students. Fully committed to advancing the work of visionaries and risk-taking creative Fashion designers, the primary focus of the foundation is the continuous support of creativity and design process in fashion and the arts linked to it.

19th North American Student Design Competition

Alpaca Owners Association 19th North American Student Design Competition Details: The competition was created to promote the use of alpaca fiber in fashion, textile, and interior design at the fundamental level of educational institutions. The theme for this year is Alpaca: Sustainability, a new theme reflecting the benefits of alpaca. 


Submission Deadline: May 15,  2023

Winners Selected: July  2023

Competition Guidelines: Only one entry per student may be submitted. Entry must be designed as a finished collection/group or a single garment constructed of alpaca fabric knit, crocheted, felt, and/or woven. Natural and sustainable fiber blends may be used, but the entire design must be at least 50% alpaca excluding trims. Use of products produced in North America is strongly encouraged. Entry must be a presentation board 20” by 15”, mounted on foam board or a board with the equivalent thickness. It must contain the following elements: Full-color figure sketch, using any media, showing head-to-toe looks. Flats must be included. Additional back or side views, detail close-ups, technical drawings, etc., are encouraged to illustrate the designer’s concept as clearly as possible. Color and fabrication of the design must be shown in yarn samples and/or fabric swatches with captions stating their role in the concept (examples: for jacket, for lining, for color). Original swatches may be constructed by the designer and will add to the overall appeal of the entry. The fiber content of all swatch construction must be labeled. Swatches of construction techniques, finishing details, mood photos, dimensional layers, etc. are encouraged and will add to the overall appeal of the entry. Do not use any student names, school names, or brand names on the front of the entry board. Entry must include a one (1) page essay. 

Enter the 19th North American Student Design Competition

About Alpaca Owners Association, Inc.: AOA was created in 2014 when Alpaca Owners & Breeders Association, Inc. (AOBA) merged into Alpaca Registry, Inc. (ARI). Prior to the merger, AOBA and ARI represented different parts of the North American alpaca industry. ARI focused on the pedigree registry, scientific research, and alpaca education. AOBA focused on the national show system along with the national alpaca show, judge training system, national marketing, and alpaca education.