Emergency Preparedness and Communications

FIT is committed to ensuring the safety and security of our community and campus during emergencies. The college's Emergency Preparedness Team is charged with providing direction for how FIT will respond to major events, and how to anticipate, prevent, and mitigate injury and damage to FIT.

Please review this website to become familiar with our emergency preparedness plan, communication channels, and to learn specifically what to do in various situations.

To report an emergency, call (212) 217-7777 or (212) 217-4711. FIT also has emergency blue telephones located throughout campus. 

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Emergency Preparedness Plan

The plan provides an overview of the actions FIT and its response partners would take in response to an emergency affecting the FIT community, buildings, or environment.

Communication Channels

FIT uses a variety of methods to communicate during emergencies, including building alarms, blue phones, and an alert system that sends texts and phone messages to users.

What to do in case of...

We have prepared a list of possible scenarios that may require emergency action. 

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