The ITM Mentoring Initiative provides a connection between students' academic goals and the professional paths they pursue. Mentoring focuses on developing relationships and resources to help our students succeed.

  • Student mentors guide their ITM “mentee” peers through the challenges of balancing academic and professional responsibilities, offer valuable input on the ITM major and related courses, and provide mentees with access to a job-related network after graduation.
  • Alumni mentors deepen their own leadership skills and professional networks while enhancing the image of the ITM department and the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Are you interested in developing your career path? We invite you to become a part of ITM’s future and join the growing ITM Mentoring Initiative.

Get the Most From Your FIT Experience

Current Students

  • Gain useful insights and suggestions from a peer
  • Access practical information pertaining to the ITM major
  • Brainstorm with an individual that is sharing your same experiences


  • Receive valuable career guidance from a former ITM student
  • Obtain important information on the transition to one’s chosen field
  • Create lasting relationships with top graduates of the ITM program

Industry Veterans

  • Keep in touch with younger entrants into your industry sector
  • Gain perspectives of a younger peer group soon to shape your industry
  • Inspire and be inspired by developing talented undergraduates to their full potential

Why Mentor?

Be a Part of ITM's Future

Enhance the image of FIT’s Department
of International Trade & Marketing

Develop Your Career Path

Demonstrate professionalism and a
commitment to the personal and professional development of ITM students

Find Industry Connections

Build and broaden one’s own support
networks among professionals

Make a Difference 

Gain personal satisfaction from making a
positive difference in someone else’s life.

ITM Mentoring Timeline


  • Stage 1, Recruitment: dates TBD
  • Stage 2, Pairing: dates TBD
  • Stage 3, Mentoring Commences: dates TBD
  • Stage 4, Assessment: April 26 - May 17

Prospective mentors and mentees are encouraged to use the dedicated links below to the ITM Mentoring Initiative’s registration pages. Thank you for your interest!

» Click here if you are interested in being a mentor to an ITM student.
» Click here if you are an ITM student interested in being mentored.



The purpose of the mentoring relationship is to promote the mentee's professional growth. Mentors assure that interactions with mentees comply with the highest ethical standards.


  • Value the mentee as a person
  • Develop mutual trust and respect
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Listen both to what is being said and how it is being said
  • Help the mentee solve their own problem, rather than give direction, focus on their development
  • Reach out to the mentoring committee leads if guidance is needed to ensure best outcomes in the relations


The purpose of the “mentoring relationship” is to promote a mentee's professional growth by providing guidance based on the mentor’s business knowledge and career experience.


  • Clearly articulate personal and professional needs
  • Assume responsibility for your own professional growth and development
  • Listen both to what is being said and how it is being said
  • Establish goals and make decisions to achieve them
  • Spend time reflecting on your achievements
  • Be receptive to constructive feedback  

Contact Us

For more information about the ITM Mentoring Initiative, contact  Sonja Chapman.