Large Paper Trimmer

Just outside of the enclosed MakerMinds space is the Paper Trimming Area. You will find a 72" large paper trimmer (left) and a 60" paper trimmer (right) as shown below.

ARL Paper Trimming Area

Primary use of these trimmers is intended for large photography prints, cardstock, printer/copy paper:

  • Up to but no more than 10 sheets of regular copy paper
  • 1-single sheet of photo paper
  • 1-single sheet of very thin non-corrugated cardboard can be passed through the trimmer as long as it can fit under the guide lip of the given trimmer. 

-- We ask our users to adhere to these guidelines to avoid the dulling of the blades that occurs when trimming thicker materials.

The 60" trimmer uses a circular blade to trim the material, it can only cut from right to left due to a restricting mechanism on the trimmer.

The larger 72" trimmer uses a unrestricted circular blade, allowing for cuts to be performed from either the left or right direction. It also has a detachable guide for use. The guide allows for better alignment of the material when feeding it to trim.

Please be sure to CLEAN UP any paper extra paper trimmings. There are recycling bins located in close proximity to the area for this purpose.